IVF #2 – Day 5 stats

Well here we are at day 5 and I have some news…but we don’t have all the answers yet (of course).

So just to remind you, on Monday (day 3) all 8 were still going but 1 looked a little sad. So we actually lost 2. We are down to 6. Two of those 6 are now good quality Blastocysts (the goal). They are rated AB and BB (obv AA is the best).

Of the 4 coming up behind the lab thinks that 2 will definitely make it to blast tomorrow but she isn’t excluding the others from getting there yet either. So that will mean we will have 4 and if we are lucky, 5 or 6. I’d love 5. My hopes are on 5. That means if we lose half at genetic testing we will end up with 2 or 3 good quality embabies for transfers.

Phew. We are getting close to the finish line now. Shit is getting real.

We have cancelled the potential transfer for this month as it is looking like we will have a decent number for genetic testing. First chance at a transfer is going to be next month, February. I am happy about this. I can work on being really healthy by transfer date which I like.

So that’s it. That’s the news. Will be back with our final number for you tomorrow. Think 5. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.


32 thoughts on “IVF #2 – Day 5 stats

  1. So is tomorrow the last day they will give them to see what will happen? I’ve never done IVF, so I don’t know a lot about how it works. It’s amazing to me that they can take these little developing embryos, send them off to test the genetics of them, and then stop their development for another month until it’s time to continue their journey!! Crazy the things science can do these days. Fingers crossed for you…can’t wait for the update tomorrow!


  2. Going for the genetic testing is something I haven’t read on others’ blogs. Is it common to do this? My husband and I both had genetic testing done prior to doing IVF so I don’t know if this is an option for us. I would consider it, though. I’m amazed at science.


    • OK so the genetic testing is different to what you and your hubby had. It is testing of the embryo to check it has all the chromosomes and can actually become a baby. Apparently 45% of embryos that make it to blast will actually no have the right chromosome structure so will never become babies. By doing this testing we will only be transferring embryos that we know can actually become babies. It reduces the number of embryos you end up with but what is the point in putting back an embryo that could never be a baby? All that hope and emotional stress that goes along with that… Plenty (most) people do IVF and don’t do this testing so of course it isn’t necessary. But it does increase your odds of success and in the end that’s why we decided to do it. I think it is MUCH more expensive in the UK than it is here though (just going from another blogger who asked about it at her clinic yesterday). She was quoted 10 thousand pounds whereas here we pay $500 per embyro plus a $500 processing fee (or thereabouts). They have only recently brought the price down in AUS so I imagine it will get more common. Our Dr didn’t offer it to us off the bat. It took Eric actually asking “if money is no object is there anything else we can do to make this work?” and then he told us.

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  3. Wow, that is amazing! The fact that you have six still going on day five is much better than average! It sounds like fertilization really was the problem and now that it was taken care of by ICSI the rest has been smooth sailing. I’ll be sending lots of positive five-related thoughts your way!


    • Thx lovely. Yeah so interesting really as we conceived our son SO easily. Bizarree. Anyway we will see. I also am starting to think that we really need to get the house first so maybe it was just the way things were meant to be too. House first, then 2nd child.


  4. Sounds like it’s all going beautifully! Five would be amazing wouldn’t it? A really good number to put through testing, giving you a bit more peace of mind. Grow little eggs, grow!! xxx


  5. Holy cow! I don’t know what any of this means but it sounds super awesome! I mean, like next month you could have the turkey baster thing! And, I’m loving the numbers, the numbers are sounding good! I’m super duper excited even in my clueless state!
    And, I’m totally okay with clueless, cause there is only so much I really want to know, anyway! šŸ™‚ I’m sending you good energy and sending some to those little embrebaby things, I can’t remember exactly what we’re calling them now… but those little things are getting some jazzed up energy from me!


  6. I know how hard it is to get less than you hoped for, especially after all the day-by-day drama leading up to it. Let yourself feel disappointed for as long as you need. That said, THREE IS FABULOUS! It really is. Fucking fabulous. And like you said you’ve come so much further than last time, especially since these are all day 5 and good quality. I’m very pleased with this result. šŸ™‚

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