IVF #2 – Day 3 update and I’m getting a bit excited

So we got the call first thing this morning with the update about our 8 embabies.

You guys, they ARE ALL STILL GOING. Holy freaking hell I am so excited.

Apparently they have all CLEAVED (have no idea what this means but that’s what they are supposed to do) and doing there thing. There is one that is considered a bit slow with only 3 cells so I’m kind of expecting this one to fall off the wagon but all the others have great numbers. We even have one with 9! Nine!

So it looks like CGH (the chromosome testing) this week will be a goer with transfer next month (February). We talked about whether or not to hold one back so we could transfer this month but we decided against it. We are going CGH all the way.

Far out peeps, this is amazing stuff. I feel so blessed. Thank you for all your kind happy positive thoughts. It means the world. Let’s hope they keep on going great guns. You can do it embabies! (totally stole the embaby term off a commenter – don’t you just LOVE it?).

~Ems~ xx


26 thoughts on “IVF #2 – Day 3 update and I’m getting a bit excited

  1. This is wonderful, my friend. I am beyond thrilled for you! Does the chromosomal testing take a month to get results? Or can they not do it until the embryos are of a certain age?


    • Great question! I was asking this exact thing today. They take the biopsy for the testing from blast stage. They then freeze the blasts and send the biopsy off. That part can take up to a month apparently but all going well we will have results before then and in time for a Feb transfer. If the blast isn’t good enough for the freeze then it won’t be biopsied.


  2. Amazing news!!! Such a turn around from before! Wow, I didn’t realise they had to freeze while they test, but I guess that makes sense because they have to grow the cells to extract the chromosome at division time I think (must be like adult karyotyping?), and the eggs are on a deadline. Wow, so next month you’ll have all the results and be good to go. This is so brilliant! How on earth are you going to distract yourself for a month, ha ha!!! I’d be climbing the walls with excitement. What a fantastic update šŸ™‚ Love and hugs xxxxx


    • Yeah I can’t believe the difference this cycle. It is insane. I think my reduced stress levels are definitely helping. And yes, I think the wait over the next month will be the hardest one! I’m actually doing OK waiting out the embabie development this time but waiting a whole month to get a transfer when I know one is good and ready will kill me! Must practice my zen space then LOL. Oh and about the biopsy. They can do it at day 3 BUT it is riskier as you can accidentally get part of the embryo that would become the baby. If you wait until day 5 they can take from the outer shell of the blast so less risk or damage I guess. Thanks for all the love and joy xxx


  3. This sounds like great news indeed! But you know you gotta’ help me out. Translation: “So it looks like CGH (the chromosome testing) this week will be a goer with transfer next month (February). We talked about whether or not to hold one back so we could transfer this month but we decided against it. We are going CGH all the way.” šŸ™‚


    • haha sorry. I think I wrote it in a way that assumed people had read the post where I talked about the genetic testing. OK. So it is like this. Statistically, 45% of embryos as blast/transfer stage will be genetically abnormal in relation to chromosomes so even if you put them in they probably wouldn’t make a baby (with some exceptions some of the time of course – down syndrome being one I can think of). Anyway you can have your embryos genetically tested so that you remove those ones that cannot possible become babies. That way you are only transferring embryos that have every chance of becoming babies. It increases your odds of success by about 20% which is the part we are interested in. But obv due to the stats we will likely lose half of those we send for testing. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask me any further questions if I’m not clear. x


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