IVF #2 – And then there was…


We got 13 eggs which is a pretty awesome starting point. We had 16 last time but really, the higher starting point did not mean more embies for us so I’m happy with 13. If we can get a solid fertilisation on 13 I will be SO happy. Solid being greater than 2.

Everything was pretty routine this morning. They are such a great team at the procedure centre which makes alllllll the difference when you are going under to have someone needle away at your ovaries. I did have a really low blood pressure when they first took it this morning (88/53) and my resting hear rate was only 62 which is low for me. I did feel much more zen this time around. They took my BP again a little while later and it wen tup to 93/53 and was pretty much the same when I got out of theatre. Normally I’m a 100/60 person so this is low for me – more like my pregnancy BP – but I was feeling fine so no biggie I guess.

Now we just play the waiting game. What a change. They said they will call tomorrow morning between 930 – 1030am.  I really really really really really hope that the ICSI gives us a better result than the natural fert did.

All in all I feel pretty good all things considered and I am happy with the results. I’m just tentatively waiting for tomorrow.


It’s tomorrow! And the call is in. She called early bless her cotton socks. This is how it all went down.

Of the 13 eggs collected 4 had to be discarded (1 immature and 3 abnormal). That left 9. Out of the 9 they injected 5 with the fresh sperm. ALL 5 FERTILISED. They injected 4 with the frozen sperm. 3 of those fertilised.

TOTAL: 8 eggs fertilised! Woooohooo! This seems like such gift after last cycle was such a dud.

I am feeling pretty excited but just keep telling myself to rein it in a little. We still have 5 days to go to see how many get to blast….then there is the CGH. So there’s a long road left yet. BUT 8 is a great freaking start on that road. I am very very happy.

Happy weekend everyone! I’ll update you next week.


29 thoughts on “IVF #2 – And then there was…

  1. That is BALLER! I had 6 normally fertilized eggs last time and ended up with two excellent-quality blasts, so I predict you will get at least three pretty blasts. Things are looking good, my friend.


    • They are! I feel really good about it all. Way less emotional than last time. And as much as I’d hate to admit it I think Eric was right…working less makes for a much more zen environment to experience something like IVF. Anyway, fingers crossed they are all growing nicely in the lab. I want this so bad.


  2. Wow!!!! 8 is great!! Especially given your experience last time. Fantastic news – I hope they all grow really well. And using the current and frozen sperm is really giving you better odds too. Well done for being so zen this time around – you are my hero cause i’d be completely freaking out beforehand given there’d be doctors and drugs and what not, ha ha! Really pleased for you – just got to get through the next 5 days now xxxx


    • haha you know I still feel really zen. I don’t know what it is as January as normally a really stressful month for me (worked that out sitting on a psych’s couch last year LOL) so this is interesting. I am definitely working less which makes a big difference I think. As for the hospitals, it is sad to say but when I’m in one I feel at home. i spent most of the year in 1991 in one due to a big car accident so it became my normal at I guess a stage of development which is pretty critical for it to have stuck with me. Anyway, WEIRD but helpful at times like these! xx


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