IVF #2 – Stims Day 8 – CD 10 – Apparently I’m ready for egg collection!

I had my second scan this morning and things are just click clacking along at a rapid pace.

Interestingly my lining is a nice juicy 10 this time so the regular low dose aspirin must be helping out with this.

I now have 14 eggs ready to go and of these 6 are measuring over 18. They need a good sample at 18 or more to trigger you for egg collection so I’m there, I’ve crossed that line. Dr D has no idea why they grew faster this time. I mentioned I was less stressed this time around and he seemed to think this could definitely be a contributing factor. I’ve also been taking all my supplements for longer (it takes them 3 months to have the best affect) so that is potentially helping too. I’m not game enough to stop them now!! ha ha

Anyway we are all booked in for harvest early Friday morning so that is less than 48 hours away. Yikes. Things seem to have gone so fast this time around. Last time I had to stimulate for 11 days before I was ready so at only 8 days this time it feels like a very short race. Let’s hope it’s a winner!


30 thoughts on “IVF #2 – Stims Day 8 – CD 10 – Apparently I’m ready for egg collection!

      • That’s effing amazing!!!!! That’s more than you got last time, right? And you’re doing ICSI also, right? You are so golden! I’ll be on the edge of my seat for feetilization, but I bet everything will go swimmingly.


        • Well I got 16 last time but so many of the fuckers didn’t fertilize so it’s neither here nor there. If I get more than one embie at the end of all this then I am ahead. And yes ICSI. Will do update tomorrow after I get fert results. xx


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! 13 eggs is wonderful! You are awesome. You stayed cool and calm, did all you could to prepare your body (and future baby), I’m just thrilled for you! I’m posting an update tomorrow… we are both on IVF #2, but I’m a few days behind you. I’m hoping your mojo rubs off onto me!


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