IVF #2 – Stims Day 5 – CD 7 – Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Well. Things are looking up today. FINALLY. I feel I’ve finally broken out of the sludge phase I was in. It took me slothing on the couch all day to get here. I think I just really needed to give myself a true do nothing day. Not the pretend kind where you say you are going to do nothing but in reality do this job and that job and this job and that job, but a true do nothing day where you plant your arse on the couch and watch shows and read books and eat food. That’s it.

That was my day today. Only made possible because Eric in all his infinite glory at the last minute suggested he take Monkey for an extra night so I could rest. I am missing the little dude like crazy but at the same time I am so freaking grateful as the hormonal coma did not lift until well after 6pm this evening so it really did take all freaking day of slothing around to get there.

Phew. I’m so relieved.

I have caught up on a lot of shows. Anyone else watching State of Affairs? Great new show. Loving it.

I’ve also made a good dent in Gone Girl (the book not the movie). COMPELLING. I’m itching to check out the movie now but I’m holding back until the book has finished. No spoilers please!

In fertility related stuff I did a hypnosis today. I bought a package thing online awhile ago and forgot about it (as you do) so rummaged around and found it today and got started. I will do another before bed. I have promised myself I am going to follow it every day for at least a month. That is what he asks you to do to get the best results. They are quite pleasant and not overly long so I think I can do that. Plus you are allowed to do them when you are going to sleep for the night as apparently the unconscious mind does not sleep so it will still hear the words coming out of the earphones. Brilliant. Couldn’t be better. I wish that worked for everything I need to achieve in life. Would make the whole time thing so much easier.

Anyway I am so pleased I am able to come and do a post here with my happy pants on .I hope you’ve all had a splendid weekend wherever you are. It rained the entire day here today which absolutely floated my boat what with the couch bumming and all.

I’ll post after my scan appointment tomorrow and let you all know what up (hopefully a shit tonne of follicles!).

Catch you later, alligators.



17 thoughts on “IVF #2 – Stims Day 5 – CD 7 – Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

  1. So glad you got some rest and are feeling better! I’m going to check out that hypnosis. I was doing circle and bloom meditations for a while, but they said you had to be awake for them to work, and I would fall asleep every time without fail. I like that you can be asleep for yours!


    • Yes the being asleep thing is a bonus. I have also done Circle and Bloom ones. They are more specific (ie day 16 and 17 blah blah) whereas this one does one broad one leading up to Egg Coll and then another broad one after harvest. I’m fine with that. Maybe I’ll get it more if I hear the same thing over and over and over again lol

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  2. Happy for you that you got a pajama day! I absolutely need one of those every so often, otherwise I start to get very cranky and feel lost. I have to have a day to regroup and be left alone…and rain helps so much!
    What is this hypnosis thing? Is it just to help calm you? I’m curious!


    • The hypnosis is specifically for fertility. Circle and Bloom to one that is very popular which I have also tried. Now I am doing this one http://www.thefertilemind.net/

      Research shows that those who do hypnosis while TTC have a higher success rate (at least for IVF babies, I’m assuming it would apply for natural conception as well). It is easy so can’t hurt right? And I definitely do find it very relaxing.

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  3. Couch bumming, ha ha ha! I love days like that – sometimes you really do need to do absolutely nothing before you can get up and move on again. Off to read about tomorrow now… x


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