IVF #2 – Stims Day 3, CD5 – Aaarrrrgghhhh

Yeah that about sums it up.

I forgot how much stims sucked for me last time. I actually just went back to read my post from last cycle to see if I hated it then and I did. I was fine until this morning when I woke up after 9 hours sleep feeling like I’d had none at all and it pretty much hasn’t changed for the rest of the day. It doesn’t help that I seem to have suddenly lost my skill for injecting myself and it stings like a mofo every time the needle goes in. *sigh*

I tried to get Monkey to have a nap this afternoon so I could have one but he wasn’t having it. Fingers crossed he will pass out on the couch any moment he is so tired (sometimes when I have some really good juju going around that seems to happen but it’s not often). To be honest, today doesn’t feel like a good juju day. I just went to the shops to get stuff for dinner and left a bag there. Didn’t realise until I got home of course so had to pack the child back in the car and go back and get it.

Leaving the bag behind = juju not so hot.

Finding bag when I went back = juju actually pretty good.

So maybe I should just stop being a glass half empty estrogen raged biatch and stop my whining. It clearly could be worse. We could have no food, no house, no car, no clothes, no life. I need to just get over myself.

I’m looking forward to this part passing. I think, from memory, it was just worse for me at the beginning. It must be the hormone surge or something. So I’m counting on this all settling down real soon.

Funnily enough we are starting on the exact same date and day this time as last time. In Oct my cycle started Mon Oct 6, this month it started Mon Jan 6. It will be interesting to see if egg collection lands on the same day…

I think that’s probably enough whining and misery from me for one day. I need to go yell at Eric for stuffing up our flight booking to the states for later this year. He will be jumping for joy. Ha.



23 thoughts on “IVF #2 – Stims Day 3, CD5 – Aaarrrrgghhhh

  1. Oh gawwwwwd… how long are the injections for?? I’m having a hormonal day over here too. In fact, I’m going to make myself a drink and throw myself into some work in a minute to forget about it all. Good you got the bag back – it would have been rage-inducing to go back and discover some scumbag had taken it. It doesn’t seem like it was as long ago as October that you did your last cycle! Well, I am sending mountains of positive thoughts your way for this one, and hopefully you can just embrace the crazy-hormone-lady on stims and hang on tight while you hurtle towards egg retrieval – hey, I’m excited already!! Hope you have a good night’s sleep, big hugs, xxx

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    • Thanks Rose. I needed a little pep talk just like that right now! And you are so right – embrace the crazy biatch and hurtle on through to the next stage. So true. Injections go for another week and are upped to 2 per day from Sunday. oh yay me! lol Yeah I agree, the last cycle seems so much more recent than Oct which sounds like forever ago. Time. So much time. You have a lovely day hon and try not to stress about your hormones too much xx


  2. It’s all for the greater good though hey! I will be back on the drugs again soon too although for me it’s the gemstone which plays hell with my hormones. I also found that through the cycles I have done previously I seem to feel different each time. Weird.
    Good luck! I have recently started a blog about my IVF escapades at myivfworld.wordpress.com


    • Interesting that you feel different each time. I was wondering if it would be the same for me but I seem to be back with the same old feeling lol. I have followed your blog. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I probably shouldn’t have laughed at this as much as I did – I almost feel bad over how much I laughed at your pain! I’m sure that the hormonal surge will be totally worth it in the end, you have a great support system and lots of people sending you love and good energy!


  4. When I read this, I remembered your post from last time, and I chuckled to myself. Ironic, when we do these things to ourselves that make us miserable, if it’s for something good in the end, we tend to forget the misery we went through to get there! Fingers crossed all goes well, and you’re feeling better soon! And also that the little one falls asleep soon!!


  5. I wasn’t following you back in Oct, and my first IVF was in November. Looking to get started with my #2 any day now, whenever my period feels like coming. Yรฒu just reminded me of those feelings: injection pain, tired, cranky, counting down the days until you can stop. Good luck to you!


    • Thank you! I have now followed your blog so will see where you are at if you update. You will be very close behind me on the cycle if it all goes to plan. Good luck to you too! I hope your period arrives soon so you can get cracking. Thanks for stopping by.


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