IVF #2 – A new cycle in a new year

Hey peeps. I’ve been in hiding for a bit. I get on and read some blogs from time to time and try to keep up to date but mostly I’ve just been getting on with life at this end.

We tried naturally last month but I wasn’t hopeful as we were separated for most of my fertile time due to our Christmas locations this year (Eric had to stay up here and work). I didn’t use OPKs or anything. We just shagged around the appropriate time and then left for the holidays.

Yesterday was Day 1 of my January cycle and I went into the clinic to collect all my meds for stims. I am feeling good but not excited. I think I am more of what you would call cautiously optimistic.

As I went to type the title of this post I kept wanting to type IVF #3 instead of 2 so I hope that’s not prophetic in anyway!

Just to recap everyone – we probably won’t be doing a fresh transfer this cycle as we have decided to have the genetic testing done on all the embryos. The risk with this is that we could end up with no embryos to transfer but what is the point in transferring embryos that don’t have all their chromosomes in the right place? None. So I’d rather know I think even though it would be devastating if that was the outcome.

The bad news from yesterday was that the genetic testing is now taking up to 4 weeks which means that we would miss the transfer time in February if this is the case. Ugh. It is one of those things they won’t know until the time. It depends on the lab and how many embryos they have to test. They do them in batches so they need to wait until they get a certain number to start a batch. This is one of those case where the more work they have the quicker your result. Weird eh?

Anyway that is about it from this end. We moved into the new house, had a family of 5 visit 3 days later and then 2 days after that went on holidays. So as you can imagine I have not finished unpacking yet. The garage which is supposed to be a playroom / office is still covered in boxes. Despite this I am really loving our new space. We have really livable outdoor areas and a slightly larger indoor space so overall the place feels so much bigger. Not to mention the fabulous pool which is getting quite a workout over summer.

I haven’t really exercised much since the move but I started a reduced calorie eating plan on New Years Day and I am doing well. 6 days in and I’ve lost 2.4kg already. I wish I was about 2.5kg less still before starting stims but oh well, I’m not. I’m just going to do everything I can to stay clean and healthy while going through the process so hopefully the weight gain isn’t much and it will reduce soon after egg collection takes place.

That’s it from me now. Will update you as we progress through the process. Next appt is stim scan on Monday.

Happy New Year bloggers. Maybe 2015 bring you all happiness and joy.


20 thoughts on “IVF #2 – A new cycle in a new year

  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy! Fingers crossed that this cycle works for you, and that you don’t have to wait a month for the testing. Seems like all we do is wait, wait, wait!


  2. Woohoo Em ! I’ll be following your journey the whole way, great idea about having genetic testing done, we are contemplating doing this our next cycle too. Wishing you all the luck in the world and I wouldn’t worry about IVF 3 maybe it’s your brain telling you that you’ll have triplets 😛 hahaha ok maybe not but we can dream 😉

    Make sure you update often !! xxx


    • Given you are having such troubles getting your embryos to stick maybe it will be worth it for you? I am thinking that if we get a high number that can’t proceed that at least we will know what the problem is. Thanks for your wonderful good luck wishes. I will post as much as I can. xx


      • I think it is a good idea but if we are only getting 1 blast by day 5 it isn’t really worth spending the money just for me to ‘know’ 😦 i don’t know what to do I need to find a doctor that wants to find out haha!!! Hope your new years wasn’t too hectic xx


        • Yeah totally hon. I get that. If you only have one then you might as well put it back in. I’m hearing you. New Year was pretty cruisy. We went to a local pub with a playground (which sounds really bad but really it’s not) with some friends but came home early. Eric came up about 10 and the next day we got his mum to sit and went to the movies! I forgot how much I enjoy movies!!! Hope you had a good one too. xx


    • Me too! As much as I’d hate to end up with zero embryos out of it, really it is worthwhile as they wouldn’t be embryos worth having if they were fucked up. Thx for the excitement (esp given what you are going through at the moment! Must be tricky to feel excited about anything). I really need the up beat energy of others. I am good, not flat, but not amped either. Just good. So amped from anyone else is nice. Thank you 🙂


    • Naaawwwww thx hon. I didn’t run yesterday even though I said to you I would…and I didn’t today either. Doh. But I am eating really really really well so I’m hoping that is making up for it just a little. xx

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  3. Nice to hear an update from you! I think genetic testing is a good idea – it will give you more information and that is always good in my book. How odd that they have to do them in batches! Aaargh the waiting is just so frustrating isn’t it, it feels like that’s all we ever do. It all moves at glacial pace and there is seemingly nothing that can be done about it. The only cure is to become obsessively involved in something else I reckon. Hey – well done on the lost 2.4kg – that is loads! If I could drop that I’d be at my ideal weight, but I swear the last two and a half just do NOT want to budge, no matter what I do. They’ve been there since I had DS1 5 years ago and I don’t think they are planning on going anywhere. Pffff.


      • Good, I should blog more. haha! That is almost a daily thought. I may start teaching free yoga at the local library to get experience. Maybe I should blog about that! My son just dropped his nap so it feels like I don’t have ANY time for writing. boo!

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        • ha we are nap free here too usually. To be honest I’m normally pushing for no nap as it makes bedtime so much easier. Yesterday he was at daycare so he napped and I spent an hour trying to get him to sleep! Nightmare. Nap free so much better. Soooo exciting about the yoga teaching. I am so happy for you. Maybe you’ll end up starting a new blog about yoga somewhere along the line. Things morph 🙂 I’m actually thinking of shutting mummyflyingsolo down. I don’t think I’m going to go back there. I’ve lost my inspo for it!


          • I hear you. I actually forced the ending of naps for the same reason…when he naps, he’s up til 9:30/9:45 and it makes me crazy. But the downside is that its hard to get any work/play-work done now because I’m trying to keep him awake. Oh well, he goes to preschool next fall so I will be able to get back to things then. Maybe I will start a yoga blog, but it seems that is overdone and I don’t want to be redundant saying what is already said in a million other blogs. Who knows, I need a creative streak again!


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