IVF #2 – The final numbers as we head into the next phase: embryo chromosome testing

So, we didn’t get any additional embabies than what we had on Day 6 (my last post). We have 3.

I have been feeling so conflicted about this. I felt a bit gutted after the phone call to be honest and then I just felt so freaking guilty for being gutted. I mean, we have 3 good quality embryos. That’s 3 more than we had last time. While we got 1 transferred last time it wasn’t even that great quality so we have almost TRIPLE the result of last time and I feel sure we will get 1 baby out of these three little souls. Continue reading


IVF #2 – And we get to wait just ONE MORE DAY

Ha. More waiting. Who knew?

Yesterday I told you all that we would have final numbers today but apparently I misunderstood that today was the last day before we give up on the little embabies. We get one more day. Yay! And that is pretty great.

Today we have 3 embabies all biopsied and ready to go. So we have the AB and the BB from yesterday PLUS another AB.  Love those ones with an A in it.

Apparently we have one more embabie that is actually a blast but not quite ready for biopsy yet so we have to see if that falls across the line and I am still secretly hoping that another one will zoom on up the inside and surprise us. I’m not sure if it’s a hopeless case or not to be honest. We will just have to wait and see.

So this is where it is at. One more day. I’ll be back tomorrow.

IVF #2 – Day 5 stats

Well here we are at day 5 and I have some news…but we don’t have all the answers yet (of course).

So just to remind you, on Monday (day 3) all 8 were still going but 1 looked a little sad. So we actually lost 2. We are down to 6. Two of those 6 are now good quality Blastocysts (the goal). They are rated AB and BB (obv AA is the best).

Of the 4 coming up behind the lab thinks that 2 will definitely make it to blast tomorrow but she isn’t excluding the others from getting there yet either. So that will mean we will have 4 and if we are lucky, 5 or 6. I’d love 5. My hopes are on 5. That means if we lose half at genetic testing we will end up with 2 or 3 good quality embabies for transfers.

Phew. We are getting close to the finish line now. Shit is getting real.

We have cancelled the potential transfer for this month as it is looking like we will have a decent number for genetic testing. First chance at a transfer is going to be next month, February. I am happy about this. I can work on being really healthy by transfer date which I like.

So that’s it. That’s the news. Will be back with our final number for you tomorrow. Think 5. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

IVF #2 – Day 3 update and I’m getting a bit excited

So we got the call first thing this morning with the update about our 8 embabies.

You guys, they ARE ALL STILL GOING. Holy freaking hell I am so excited.

Apparently they have all CLEAVED (have no idea what this means but that’s what they are supposed to do) and doing there thing. There is one that is considered a bit slow with only 3 cells so I’m kind of expecting this one to fall off the wagon but all the others have great numbers. We even have one with 9! Nine!

So it looks like CGH (the chromosome testing) this week will be a goer with transfer next month (February). We talked about whether or not to hold one back so we could transfer this month but we decided against it. We are going CGH all the way.

Far out peeps, this is amazing stuff. I feel so blessed. Thank you for all your kind happy positive thoughts. It means the world. Let’s hope they keep on going great guns. You can do it embabies! (totally stole the embaby term off a commenter – don’t you just LOVE it?).

~Ems~ xx

IVF #2 – Stims Day 8 – CD 10 – Apparently I’m ready for egg collection!

I had my second scan this morning and things are just click clacking along at a rapid pace.

Interestingly my lining is a nice juicy 10 this time so the regular low dose aspirin must be helping out with this.

I now have 14 eggs ready to go and of these 6 are measuring over 18. They need a good sample at 18 or more to trigger you for egg collection so I’m there, I’ve crossed that line. Dr D has no idea why they grew faster this time. I mentioned I was less stressed this time around and he seemed to think this could definitely be a contributing factor. I’ve also been taking all my supplements for longer (it takes them 3 months to have the best affect) so that is potentially helping too. I’m not game enough to stop them now!! ha ha

Anyway we are all booked in for harvest early Friday morning so that is less than 48 hours away. Yikes. Things seem to have gone so fast this time around. Last time I had to stimulate for 11 days before I was ready so at only 8 days this time it feels like a very short race. Let’s hope it’s a winner!

IVF #2 – Stims day 6 – CD 8 – First scan results

Just a quicky post before I head out.

I had the first follicle scan today. I have 6 on the left and 4 on the right that are all between 12 and 16 plus some littlies on both sides that are yet to get big enough to measure. This is very similar to last time in number but bigger in size which is interesting. The little eggies seem to be growing more quickly. I don’t know if it is all the acupuncture, supplements, diet or hypnosis or a combo of it all but whatever is happening it seems to be working.

Right now I am booked to go back for another scan in 2 days. Dr D seems to think that at this rate we could be ready for EC on Friday which is much sooner than I expected. I will just keep doing all my party tricks in the hope they are making a difference and rock up to my appointments when I’m told and see what happens! I’m feeling good about it all right now. Feeling good.