No Christmas Baby Miracle here this month but I found a passion

Hey there folks, just a bit of an update from me as I feel like I’ve been silent for so long.

This month we were on our IVF cycle break and of course we tried naturally. We even went away for the weekend (as a family, not a couple – no sitter) in the hopes that the close proximity at ovulation time would help us fertilise my stubborn eggs. It was also the weekend of my birthday so it would have been nice had the stars aligned. Anyway, they didn’t, but we had a nice weekend.

This cycle will likely be a bust as well as ovulation is due to fall close to Christmas and monkey and I will be 600kms away from Eric at my mums in the week leading up to the day. Eric will join us later but we will likely skip right over egg popping day so I’m not overly hopeful. Which means all our eggs are firmly placed in the IVF/ICSI basket in January.

I’m having a bit of a rejig work wise here at the moment. Trying to figure it all out. I have a business which I started earlier in the year that I’m struggling to develop. It is an online retail store with stuff for young kids and mums. The struggle isn’t that it can’t develop but more that I have discovered I freaking hate marketing and brand building type activities. *sigh* And that is predominantly what needs to be done. My web guys have actually offered to buy the business from me and I’m struggling with what to do about it.

Basically it seems they have jumped at the chance (it is a great business model – I hold no stock and do not need to worry about shipping) and that makes me wonder if I should be hanging onto it and giving it a red hot go. But then I think about the tasks I need to sit down and get stuck into to make it happen and I freeze. Think about the subject you hated most at school and what it feels like to sit down and do it. That’s what it feels like when I have to do this type of work. I enjoy the customer service and processing the orders and doing the admin is all fine, just freaking hate the marketing.

Then there is the $ that are required to keep it going, the investment that needs to be made for the marketing. I’m almost at the point where I simply don’t want to invest more money into the business if I don’t know if I’ll get it back. If anyone has advice or a view on this situation they think they should share then feel free. I’m open to all ideas. I will say this though, it isn’t my passion and I think that’s why I’m struggling. I started the business as I thought the model was sound, not because I desperately wanted to have a retail store and I think that may be the wrong reason.

On the other hand I have just stumbled across something else that has gotten me VERY excited. And now I feel a passion that I have never felt for the retail store. Has anyone heard of the Thermomix? If you are in the states maybe not as they haven’t released there yet. It is a kitchen appliance but OMG you have never seen anything like it. It does EVERYTHING with no need of change of blades etc. It is computerised and tells you next steps for all programmed recipes. And you no longer need to stand there and stir, chop, knead ANYTHING. You pop your bolognaise sauce in and go off and have a shower my friend. It will be ready in 8 minutes. I saw it make sorbet in 2 mins and a chopped beetroot salad in less than 1. It made icing sugar out of sugar in 3 seconds and kneaded pizza dough in a minute. Oh and let’s not forget about the inbuilt scales. Man!

You can make your own milks and flours if that floats your boat. And it is all clean, healthy eating and living. .All cooking with whole foods. No preservatives or additives. This machine is every busy parent’s dream.

So when we got to the end of the demo and one of the options was to become a consultant and earn one for free I jumped at the chance. I was so excited about these machines that I would be happy to go out and sell them. I’ll blog about it too (on a different blog I am setting up just for the purpose) and there will be recipes and videos of me attempting stuff and it will just be loads of fun. THIS is an excitement I never had for the retail store and I think this is probablyΒ the issue with that business. I didn’t feel this way about it.

The thing I love most about this new venture is that the things that I feel like I never have time to do well (cook a good dinner or make wholesome homemade healthy treats for my kid) will actually now become part of my “job” so I have to make time for them. I have found something that meshes all areas of my life: the mum, the businesswoman, the writer. All sides of me get a playground here and I’m pumped.

We move in less than 2 weeks and I’ve packed 3 boxes and done no Christmas shopping. Eeeeeeep! I’m off now to attempt to buy some of the goodies online.

Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are.



27 thoughts on “No Christmas Baby Miracle here this month but I found a passion

  1. Wow that thing sounds awesome! It almost sounds too good to be true. As for your other business…maybe you could have the web guys do the marketing? I don’t know if there would be any profit after paying them for that, but it’s a thought I had while I was reading. And girl you better get packing!!! Moving day creeps up so fast it’s ridiculous!!


    • hehe you are so right! I need to pack more boxes big time! The marketing idea is a good one and one that we also came up with when strategising this morning. I think in the end we are going to go another way but it does end up involving outsourcing the marketing. Phew!


      • I can’t imagine that marketing is very easy, nor any fun…but I guess some people love it! Last year when we moved, I started packing and organizing months ahead of time (I have an OCD problem lol). The day of the move, I still wasn’t ready! I ended up tossing things in random boxes and laundry baskets while the movers took stuff to the truck lol!


  2. I was about to ask you to email me the link to your online shop so I could buy something, but then I was like, duh, she lives across the world and the boutique probably doesn’t even ship to me. But you should still send me the link anyway cuz I wanna see it (and I also just happen to work in marketing). That is cool about the new appliance. It sounds un-freaking-real. I’m so glad you feel totally jazzed about it! It’s always great to discover a passion and it happens so rarely, at least for me. Keeping my fingers crossed that January is THE MONTH!


    • haha nope my boutique doesn’t ship to you AND most of my products are imported from the US where you can probably buy them cheaper anyway (that’s why I chose to skip international shipping)

      Ooooo you work in marketing. Well any tips you have are most welcome. Here’s the store:

      I”m dying to know how it is all going for you. Post soon x


  3. Have you looked into hiring a virtual assistant to complete the marketing tasks? There are lots of places that can easily connect you with the right person with a price that is suitable. I do freelance writing work for oDesk, for example, and I have partnered with some marketers to write content. Just a thought. Good luck!


  4. Glad you all had a good weekend regardless of the lack of Ovulation etc!

    I don’t know much about your personal situation and everything you’ve got going on but I can definitely say that the most important thing is your happiness, and you have got to be loving what you’re doing to do it well (if that makes sense). I have heard amazing things about thermomixes if we weren’t spending all our money on bloody ivf cycles I would be begging M for one!!! My friend made me a cheesecake made in a thermomix once and it was no joke the tastiest thing I have ever eaten. I love that kinda stuff! Plus, anything that makes life easier is a blessing!

    Good luck with the move, Online shopping for the win! I went shopping a little today and the people everywhere drove me nuts! I guess this is life for the next few weeks now everywhere.

    Hope your weekend turned out well πŸ™‚ x


    • OH man I went out yesterday too in the end as I coudn’t figure out what I was searching for online. I manged to get a good slog done but still not enough. All the Santa presents are done though so if no one else gets anything, the child def will! lol


  5. Okay – so here are my thoughts on business venture #1: You love the model, and you like the operational/administrative pieces of the work. Great. But you dislike the marketing. Problematic. The truth is that you’re unlikely to make a successful go of it, since the marketing, social media, branding piece is so key in an online business. So, as I see it, you have two options: 1. sell it to your web guys and be done with it. Or, 2. Bring them (or someone else) in as partners, splitting up the work. If the marketing piece is the lions’ share of the work, then they should either own more equity, or take out a higher percentage of the future sales. If it looks like the workload/contributions are equal, than the equity stake and revenue sharing can be equal. Sounds like it’ll be more skewed to marketing though. Either way, I don’t see a way for you to make a go of it on your own because if you don’t feel the passion for the work, it’ll be very difficult to find success…

    Re: your new venture… WOW. That machine sounds like some voodoo black magic shiz! πŸ™‚ Seriously!

    But, the business mentor/coach in me feels the need to ask you a question. πŸ™‚ It seems to me that your passion is for administrative-oriented roles (bookkeeping, operations, etc.). Sales (especially direct sales, like this) involved a LOT Of sales AND marketing. i.e. You need to build an audience to pitch to. So… while you’re passionate about the product itself, might you find yourself less than passionate about the work it will take to build your audience (marketing) that will lead to the opportunity to sell it? Something to think about, maybe.

    Either way, good luck my friend!


    • I was looking forward to your comment Nance as I knew it would be helpful. Interestingly after I wrote this post yesterday I started to think that I need a business partner that can either provide the skills I’m lacking or the capital for me to outsource it. I strategised with my wholesaler and we came up with:

      1. Web guys 50/50 split. My operational role would greatly increase with sales increase.
      2. Eric invests capital and I outsource to either a mktg consultant OR try to attract someone to do the marketing by offering 20% profit share.

      Once I discussed it with Eric he said he wanted to do 2 as he thought the web guys had been really cheeky with what they’d offered and gone against they’re own business model trying to screw me a bit. So that’s what we are doing. I’m putting my feelers out there and looking at outsourcing options.

      As for your advice re the Thermie – yup I totally get it and have considered it. The great thing is that I can sign up for first 2 months and try to earn the freebie – if i don’t sell enough I just pay prorata the amount for the machine and i can walk away right then and never do another demo if I hate it. I will probably be OK. I’ve ended up in sales jobs a lot in my life as I’m a social outgoing person and if you put me in front of people who are interesting in something I know a lot about then I’m all good with the talking. I’m just not going to stop people in the street and make them come to me. So we’ll see how that goes.

      For some reason my dislike of marketing is more on writing advertising copy and figuring out how to write the best Facebook ad and posting the right content on social media blah blah. Anyway, we will see how it goes. I like that I have an out.

      Funnily enough I have another business where I provide business support to people and I love that job but it’s not really scalable (people seem to want ME) and will not provide any income when I’m off having a baby (should the fertility gods smile upon me this year) so the model itself sucks even if I like the work. I do feel good about the Thermie op. I don’t know why, it just feels good. We’ll see where it all leads.

      THANK YOU xx

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  6. I completely understand what you mean about having a business and suddenly realising that you don’t enjoy the main part! After my first son was born, I set up a tshirt printing shop, online. I did all the designs myself and printed the tshirts from home (in the garage!). I was super-enthusiastic about it to start, thinking working for myself would be amazing etc. However, after about 18 months I realised something. I HATED it when I got orders through. I’d have to plod off into the garage and do all the stupid printing, and packaging, and then get it all dispatched. Oh it was tedious! I realised that I didn’t want a job like that. I liked the idea, but I hated it in practice. I sold everything separately and dismantled the business in the end. And I was so pleased afterwards πŸ™‚ Now I’m focussing solely on my programming blog. I like sitting at the computer creating and programming, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to monetise it, but I love it, and that’s what counts.

    I think you’ve already worked out that you need to make it work for you and your likes, and I can see in the comments there are some great suggestions and you are already moving forward. Just wanted to step in and say that you are always doing the right thing if you are listening to what you like and don’t like and modifying life to meet those ideals.

    At the end of the day however we earn some money it has to be doing something that *most* of the time, is pretty alright, right?

    And the thermomix sounds incredible – honestly – I’ve never even heard of it! Going to go and look it up πŸ™‚

    It’s crap that Xmas is holding up your plans. Just another frustration on a path no one wants to be on. I really hope that January is it. It would be a fantastic start to the year and I am hoping so much that it is. You’ve waited too long and the universe needs to give you a break xxx


    • I feel like the universe needs to give me a break too πŸ™‚ How are you going???

      What a fascinating story re the t-shirt business! I had no idea! It is interesting what comes up for us when we have our little adventures in life. So many jobs that seem glamorous never really are. My mum used to say to me “I know you’re tempted to become a flight attendant but it’s not as glamorous as you think. You are essentially a waitress in the sky.” And it is so true! So many jobs you need to look closely at before you see what the real tasks are. This whole thing is so weird for me as I believe in marketing but I just hate doing it, thinking about it, anything it. lol

      I loved this comment: A”t the end of the day however we earn some money it has to be doing something that *most* of the time, is pretty alright, right?” RIGHT. You are so so right.

      Things will fall into place. So far I’m still excited about the Thermomix. Let’s see how the cards fall on that one πŸ˜‰


      • Yeah – it was short lived. I call it a learning experience πŸ™‚

        Things here are very quiet. Was going to write a short update in a bit, but very little to report really. I guess that’s probably good. Hopefully.


  7. Wow, that machine almost sounds too good to be true! Nancy, has good advice. I think maybe bring someone else in to do the parts you don’t like. I know this would cost money but if the business would be profitable in the end, it may be worth it. And can you pursue both the online retail and the Thermomix?


    • Yes well I’m hoping if i can outsource the marketing that I don’t have to be too hands on with the online retail…thereby giving me more time to do the Thermomix. The good thing about the thermie is that most of the work is done at a demo. There is only a small time requirement outside of this (unlike the website which is a time sucker at the moment! lol)


  8. Emily – send some questions my way. I’m a marketer and so can probably help you out hun. I blogged today about going freelance for a while. Busy work and IVF do not go together well and I need to give this best chance now.
    PS love your writing style and your honesty in all you write. It’s very refreshing, Keep up the good work


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