Low dose aspirin and falling pregnant

When I was visiting the fertility specialist yesterday we asked if there was anything else I could do / take that might help us both conceive and maintain a pregnancy and the one thing he suggested was low dose aspirin.

I’d read about another blogger trying this before but didn’t really know much about it. Apparently there is some research out there that seems to suggest that it helps maintain a pregnancy particularly if the pregnancy problems are related to placenta development issues. Apparently it won’t help you hold onto a pregnancy with chromosonal complications so that is reassuring and the low dose means that it is not harmful.

It must be low dose – 100mg – and you start taking it from the first day of your cycle apparently so next month that is one more string I’ll be adding to this very heavy bow.

Has anyone else out there have any experience with this?


31 thoughts on “Low dose aspirin and falling pregnant

  1. I started taking it when we were trying naturally. It made my lining a lot nicer. And TMI….The blood was a lot healthier than it had been. Less thick and brighter in colour. I’ve started to take it again now I’m pregnant because of my previous miscarriage. My clinic arent so keen to give it to people unless they’ve had more than one mc. But I don’t want to fall into that bucket of statistics so I’m self prescribing. Good luck with your new plan xx

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  2. I think I heard/saw someone talking about this too, but I can’t remember. I’ll ask my Dr whenever I go in next, and maybe just start just in case πŸ˜‰ It can’t really hurt, right?


  3. The dose here is 75-80mg, which is probably just because it’s the same that is given to people with heart problems. I’ll have a look and see if I can find the studies I read about it as although it didn’t make any obvious difference to me (I last took it three months ago I think?), I did a lot of reading and it has been shown to be effective.


  4. I keep hearing everyone talking about this, but no doctor has ever mentioned it to me. It seems like it has so many benefits that I’m tempted to just put myself on it anyway. But I’m probably too much of a wuss to do anything not directly doctor sanctioned haha.


  5. Interesting. I’d heard of this in certain clotting and autoimmune conditions but not for “in general”/nonspecific–although at this point you’re not “in general.” And anything I know is ancient and not based on the new research which is changing every day! Would that I had time to learn all about this.

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  6. Had a look at all this again and I remember being just as baffled the first time I looked into it. There is so much conflicting research! I remember reading this on the bbc (but it dates from 1999):
    Which was positive, and this study (2007) also says good things:
    But then this study concluded there was no firm evidence either way (2009):
    And finally, this was the one that prompted me to take it:
    BUT – I have searched the Lancet and cannot find the actual study which they mention…

    The research on the aspirin-miscarriage link is even worse – just so difficult to plough through.

    Phew. Anyway, I think the upshot is that it *might* help! My own GP suggested low-dose aspirin quite a long time ago. Not sure if all that’s any use or whether it’s just confusing the issue!!


    • Thanks so much. I will look at all this over the weekend. I got he impression from my Dr that it was worth giving it a try but that the evidence wasn’t conclusive…mainly from what he didn’t say. He didn’t suggest it until I asked for suggestions. If he thought it was the magical cure he would have recommended it to begin with. But he wouldn’t have suggested it if there wasn’t the possibility it may be the answer. Hence, inconclusive. Thanks Rose xxx


  7. I asked my RE about it at the start of my current cycle and his opinion was that unless it’s necessary for clotting issues, he would only suggest taking it after retrieval, because it can cause more bleeding during the ER. I didn’t push it since I have been doing such regular acupuncture and I know I’ve been bleeding well already, with no clotting.


  8. Hi,
    I am posting this as anonymous. I am not out of the infertility closet yet, despite giving birth to a healthy baby daughter a few months ago.
    Regarding low dose aspirin:
    – I started taking it with pregnancy no. 4, the successful one. Dose was 100mg, “Aspirin Cardio”.
    – I have issues with blood clotting. So in addition I took heparin in all my pregnancies.
    – Aspirin cardio ensures that the blood platelets do not stick to each other, which basically implies healthy functioning of the placenta.
    – Apparently aspirin also encourages implantation of the embryo.
    I would probably take it again, should I decide to become pregnant again. (Probably not, I have really had it in terms of early miscarriages.)
    Best of luck!


    • Thank you so much for leaving me this message! Not sure if you will get this reply if you are hooking up anonymously but just in case you check back I wanted to leave it. I have had two early losses this year so I’m definitely going to try the low dose aspirin. Thank you! I’m so pleased you got your baby in the end.


  9. I actually stumbled across your blog from the comment you left defending the Librarian’s earlier post (well said, btw!) and I had a successful pregnancy after two back-to-back IVF losses with low-dose aspirin and blood thinner. I haven’t had the chance yet to read your older posts, but starting those meds on CD1 instead of with a BFP made all the difference in the world for us!!


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