What’s been happening in the ‘hood

I feel like its been aaaaages since I wrote anything and I always start to wonder if people are OK when they don’t write for aaaaages. So here I am, letting you know I’m alive.

Things are actually going really well here. We have bought a house (well, almost! Finance approval still not in yet but fingers crossed this week. We have exchanged contracts though so it is almost ours) and I am getting on top of my workload, slowly but surely.

I am also getting back into exercise and healthy eating. I’m tracking my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal and yesterday was my first day back at the gym. I LOVED it! Man, I love vigorous exercise and there is something about an aerobics class that really floats my boat. I am back there again this afternoon and also Friday afternoon, all things going well. Aside from that I will also try to get a good run in on the weekend. I’m keen to get that happening in my schedule again.

If all goes to plan I will run 2-3 times a week and gym it 3-4 times a week. The goal is to have one rest day out of the 7. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m looking to shift all the weight I’ve put on (4kg) since I stopped running and started IVF PLUS an extra 3kg to get me down to my goal weight. So far I’ve managed to shift 1.5kg and I’m only 3 days in so I must have been carrying a good deal of water.

I pretty much follow the Michelle Bridges plan when I’m serious. That is exercise 6dpw and a 1200 calorie per day diet. I’m pretty small as it is so 1200 calories isn’t difficult for me. I’ve been going along quite comfortably with that. This program also allows a cheat meal / day each week which I love so I’m going to do that too. Initially it will be one cheat thing on that day but as I see some results I generally let it become a full cheat day and as long as I’m still exercising regularly this seems to work.

So that’s it from me. We are happy. I’m feeling calm and like I’m getting on top of things. I’ve canned acupuncture for the month although I’m still taking all my supplements, as I just couldn’t face a million appointments right now. I think this has really helped me feel more orgnaised this week. I’m not constantly rushing off somewhere. I have time to sit and get things done. It’s bliss.

We will try for a baby naturally this month and next – you never know your luck in the big city – and I will be going for an update appointment with the Dr in the next week or so. Right now I expect IVF #2 to start in Jan. This would suit me best as we are moving house right before Christmas and then taking off to see my family for a few days. January is about the only time I have clear and free to focus on it so that suits me. I am working hard to streamline my workload by then so I can feel a little less pressure while going through the process.

That’s it from me.

Hope you are all well in blog land. Keep on keeping on. You can do it!

~Ems xx~


25 thoughts on “What’s been happening in the ‘hood

  1. Haha, thanks for updating! I definitely do start to wonder what’s going on when I don’t see any updates. I was actually thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing. I’m glad to hear everything is going well. That is so exciting about the house. And i am beyond jealous of your exercise! I haven’t been able to drag myself to even a yoga class in over a week. I kept thinking I would go today or yesterday, but nah. Never happened. And now that I’ve started stims I bet it won’t happen for a while. Womp-womp. Oh well, you can exercise enough for the both of us. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the update! I start to worry about people too when they don’t post!! Kinda feels like part of your family goes missing or something. So excited for you and your new house! Hope all goes well with that, and moving isn’t a complete nightmare! I always hate moving, it’s such a hassle. Good luck on the TTC front as well! And yay for losing weight! 🙂


  3. I definitely worry about bloggers who fall off the radar without warning. In your case, I knee good things were afoot, thanks to the magic of Facebook. 🙂
    Be well, stay positive and chase your goals! xoxo

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  4. Geez you’re inspiring! Everytime I get ready to go for a run I find some lame excuse not to go and talk myself out of it! I need to steal some of your motivation. Glad to hear you are all doing well- can’t wait to follow your next IVF Journey. Hope the contract clears soon- exciting!!! 🙂

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    • Thx chick! I swear by the couch to 5k program for getting your running mojo happening. That is what got me going and I love it now. Just did a run this afternoon and I feel so great for it! Give it a go (when you aren’t doing stims and such of course lol). At some point in the future. How are you going?


      • I think I will! I want to make sure I’m walking quite a lot during our stims and cycle because it makes me gain so much weight / bloat!

        Doing really well, had the Hysteroscopy today & the endometrial scratch which went well and I’m feeling good. Have an ultrasound next Wednesday to make sure everything is quiet from the Synarel and then hopefully start jabbing and getting the show on the road! I’m soo interested to see if ill get more eggs on 225iu of Gonal F instead of the 150iu previously so that’ll be interesting!

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    • Thanks hon. I am so pumped about the house. I feel so grateful to Eric for helping me buy it for our family and just so pleased we have found it after looking for so long. It’s perfect.


  5. Oh my god Ems, I’ve just read all your posts in one instalment. I don’t even know where to start – I was so amazed with all the eggs you got and then shocked that only two fertilised (why???) and then when you lost one of those… Oh my god, I could feel the tears welling up 😦 I am sorry that this cycle didn’t work out – what an absolutely incredible journey and how amazing you must be to be happy and focusing on your house, your business and your health despite it all. You truly are inspiring – if it had been me in your position I can’t imagine I’d be doing even nearly as well. And Eric just sounds like he has been a real rock through the whole thing – what a star.
    I don’t really know what else to say – I’m sorry I’ve been absent and missed so much of this. I have had a complete break while trying to get my head straight and it’s been the best thing for me, even though I’ve been absolutely rubbish at keeping up with everyones news.
    Sending you much love and I am very excited about the new house – it all sounds brilliant!! XXX

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    • Oh I’m so glad you are back. I can’t wait to read your post!! I hope you are doing OK. Yeah, look, many things about this cycle sucked but now we know so much more. And I have had moments where I struggle to keep it all together lately which is all the emotion bursting to get out I think but I’m OK. I think the house helped. It is such a happy event when we’ve been looking for so long. Anyway, I’m off to read your post xx


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