IVF #1 – Looks like we didn’t get there this month

Well things aren’t so crash hot over here. My beta (pregnancy blood test) isn’t due until Friday but yesterday I started spotting and this morning I woke to more than spots. I think we are done for the month. I’ll call the clinic today and they’ll probably tell me to get the bloods anyway but I suspect that regardless, the result for this month is negative

I knew on the weekend.

I’m sad this morning. Really sad. Eric is pretty sad too. I’m more sad as it is looking like there will be no pregnancy this year even. We have to take this month off as you can’t do stimulation two months in a row and then I think it is unlikely that I will be able to start a protocol in December with all the public holidays thrown in there for the holiday season. It just won’t work with the dates. So it looks like it will be January before we start again.

The only upside of all this is that I can get back to vigorous exercise again. I’ve been missing it so much. I cannot wait to go for a run.


29 thoughts on “IVF #1 – Looks like we didn’t get there this month

  1. Aww I’m so sorry. It’s good that you can get back into exercising though. Fingers crossed that the next go around will get you one (or more) sticky babies and you’ll have your hands full by the end of next year!


  2. Oh…this really broke my heart. I’m so sorry. I was so hopeful for you guys. Exercise your ass off and enjoy the holidays with your lovely family. New year, fresh start. Xo


  3. Oh crap, I just saw this! I am so sorry. My heart is aching for you right now. Is there any chance at all that this could just be random bleeding?

    I know January sounds like forever, but it will be good to let your body rest. And then next cycle, you know going into it what the issue was last time, so you will end up with tons more quality embryos. I know this will happen for you. You are on the exact right track. None of that makes this disappointment any easier, though. So for now, just let yourself feel sad, eat sour gummy candy, run like crazy, do whatever it is to get through this sad time. Sending hugs. Xo.


    • The clinic did say that there are occasions when you bleed and are still pregnant so they made me still have the blood test. I’ll get the result tomorrow but I’m not expecting a miracle. I think January is just going to be when we get started again. I know you understand how it feels to be delayed. Excited for you now that you are getting started. Yay!


  4. Ok my stupid thing is doing something weird where I have to search for you! And follow you again? It’s so annoying!!! But I got here eventually.

    I’m so sorry Emily. You have such an amazing attitude in regards to everything but definately don’t get too down- your next cycle will be a lot smoother! At least now you know that you have to use ICSI and you will hopefully get more embryos. Plus, now your dr knows how your body response to the meds your treatment can be tailored to you. You’ll get there soon, you truly deserve it.

    See what your clinic says and take it day by day. Enjoy your run 😉 xx


    • That’s so weird! I wonder why your profile randomly unfollows me?!? Bizarre. Thank you for continuing to look for me!! You are right chick, I have a lot of wins out of this cycle in that we have so much more information. And I do feel happy about that. Hope all is going well with you. xx


      • Exactly. On the plus side (as much as it doesn’t seem like there’s many pluses right now to you) you know you & Eric have conceived before its just a matter of finding the right baby to stick around and I am SO confident that you will get that with ICSI 🙂
        Everything is good with me! Hysteroscopy in a week so hopefully all goes well. Start down reg meds on Tuesday I’m such a wuss when it comes to things up my nose haha I’m sure ill get over it quick smart ! Thinking of you Hun x

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    • I was hoping I was wrong too. Never mind. Feeling quite fat and frumpy right now with all the bloating and low movement in my life so it will be nice to shed that feeling over the next couple of months. It would be lovely if I could fall preggers at my goal weight. Then I don’t have work so hard at the other end of 9 months 🙂


  5. Noooo!!!! That is too rough. Such a hard place to be and I am so sorry. I’m glad you can run. I remember that sort of thing being my saving grace when my pregnancies didnt work out. At least feeling “normal” again and being able to engage in other things I’m passionate about. I hope you enjoy your holiday season, enjoy your little one. Soon, you will have another little one and it will be hard to give him as much attention!


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