IVF #1 – The gut feeling

Hi everyone. I know I’m supposed to be being super positive and all but I have to be honest and tell you my gut feeling about how this cycle went. And if I had to put money on it I would say I think that we haven’t succeeded. There are a few little signs I get when my period is on its way and I seem to be getting them now. (being super horny is one of them – anyone else get that???).

We have had a great week this week and lots of wonderful things are happening so it would be nice to think we’d get the trifecta and the baby would happen too but, you know, just because we have had a ripper of a week doesn’t mean that this other great thing will happen. I am grateful for the wins we’ve had and will be OK if I’m right because of them I think. Well they will help me at any rate.

We will get our baby. I know we will. I just can’t say I believe it is this cycle. I hope I’m wrong and you do never really know but I don’t know, I just don’t feel it.



22 thoughts on “IVF #1 – The gut feeling

  1. I get how you’re feeling. It’s so hard to stay positive when your body and your guy tells you something different. I hope you’re wrong but let’s not give up hope completely until beta day! Thinking of you xx


        • hehe all good. So once the embryo fertilises you are on a day count until they put it back in. So they collect the eggs, fertilise them that day, the following day of development is day 1 and onwards usually to a max of day 5 or 6 when they should reach blastocyst stage. Most clinics transfer and free at this “blast” stage. Although some clinics do it at day 3. I had day 3 as I only had one embryo and they wanted to give me the best chance and the best chance is to put it back into the womb. Lab conditions can never completely replicate it.


  2. I hope you’re dead wrong. But I know what you mean about the gut feeling–it’s hard not to listen to it. I def get horny right before my period, but that is also a pregnancy symptom! I’m keeping the faith alive for Rocky. Sending all the good thoughts your way!


  3. I hope your gut feeling is wrong. It’s so hard to predict how these things end. I felt the same way with my IUIs but I think I may have just not let myself get my hopes up.


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