IVF #1 – We are over the halfway mark

Here were are, over the half way mark of our 2WW. Hooray!

We have actually had a pretty exciting week here – things are turning up for the Maines.

First of all, we bought a house!!! We have been looking for well over a year for a home that I can raise our kiddies in. Our situation will not change in that Eric will not be living with me but he has helped me to buy this house so we can have a central family home. I am honestly so amazed by him right now as there is simply no way I could afford to do this on my own. I had a great deposit from a previous property I sold over a year ago so I was well set up to get involved but as I’m working for myself and only part-time there is no way I would ever be eligible for the finance even though my repayments are only slightly more than what I now pay in rent.

I will post some photos on here once it has all gone through. I am still a bit anxious about it all as there was another couple vying for it as well and the purchase is not considered legally binding until we exchange contracts. Hopefully that will be this week so I can stop stressing!!

Anyway, it’s a good sign. I thought we were never going to find the perfect place and we have and I’m just so excited about it.

Secondly my online business has launched and we got our first order this morning!!! So I’m feeling pretty pumped about that too. Two fabulous things all in one week.

When we found out our bid for the house was successful I said to Eric “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we got the baby and the house all in the same month?!”. It would just be so so so perfect. Sometimes it all happens at once you know, so I feel like it could be a possibility for us.

As far as baby stuff goes I am just plodding along. I’ve actually been feeling super zen about it all. I pretty much woke up that way the day after transfer (despite the bleeding) and although at first it was freaking me out and making me think that it meant I definitely wasn’t pregnant, I’ve come around on that a bit.

I remember that the last IUI cycle where I fell preggers that I felt super zen too so maybe that’s my pregnancy mojo and is a good sign? The trouble with that is some anxiety has started today so now I’m thinking along the lines of Rocky took but then came unstuck.

It’s such a head fuck this baby stuff.

My boobs are killing me from the progesterone and I’m also a bit bloated from it but otherwise I do feel absolutely fine. The last day or two I’ve started to have some uterus cramps which either means the old period is prepping for arrival OR Rocky is growing and asking for more space. Let’s hope it’s the latter!

Either way, we are having a pretty good time of it here. I feel so very lucky for the wins we have had lately.

Hope you are having some wins in your corner too.

Happy Halloween!



23 thoughts on “IVF #1 – We are over the halfway mark

  1. Wow!!! So much good stuff going down in your life right now! So great. Hope those cramps mean Rocky is settling in for the long haul! Have you thought about testing early or are you waiting for beta?


  2. Congrats on the house!!! That’s funny about feeling so zen…that’s exactly how I felt too, and it’s so not me!! Hopefully that’s a good sign!! Crossing my fingers for you, and hoping this week goes by fast!


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