IVF #1 – the morning after transfer

5 cell day three embryoMeet Rocky. Rocky is a Day 3 embryo with 5 cells. If you ask Dr Google about this he will tell you that 5 cells is considered to be slow developing for day 3 but my clinic seemed fine with it. 

Rocky has a bit more fragmentation than they would like but is not so bad that further development is impossible so we are pretty much just hoping this little embryo lives up to its name and is a fighter.

I am doing my best to relax but I’ve been up since 4am this morning as when I went to the bathroom there was one pink spot, like a show or something, on my liner and I have to admit it has occurred to me that perhaps Rocky has dislodged. There is no way to know of course. I can only wait. Ah the cruelness of time. Sometimes it seems to be speeding on by too quickly and then times like these it seems to be at a crawl.

The transfer itself went pretty well. It was actually less painful than the 2 IUIs I’ve had so that’s something. Normally they show you on the screen the embryo pinging out into your uterus (the embryo itself is too small to see but it is followed by an air bubble apparently and you can see that) but my ovaries were still so swollen they were obscuring the view somewhat. So no TV screen viewing for us.

I’ve had some more tummy pain since my egg retrieval (it calmed and then flared again) but the Dr doesn’t seem to be concerned. He checked it while I was there for transfer and it isn’t swollen in a bad way so it’s all good. The nurses made a note to call and check on me on Sunday so that’s nice to have that follow up.

I found the actual transfer itself really really emotional. I was emotional all morning leading up to it and super emotional laying there for the transfer. Eric was really fabulous. He was so excited really and very positive. He kept telling everyone we met during the process how I’d named the embryo Rocky because he loved it so much. It was pretty cute actually. He held my hand the whole time and stroked my arm a bit. It was very comforting and just what I needed.

Since our little glitch a couple of weeks ago he has been very supportive for this whole process. He had to get back to work after the transfer and also to pick up our little monkey (he has taken him for the weekend so I can rest) and didn’t want me to drive home so he booked me a private car to drive me the half hour home. I thought it was silly at the time (and that perhaps $100 could be better spent) but I was so glad for it when it was time to go home yesterday. It was so nice to just sit back in the comfort of the leather seats and relax rather than have to stress about the Friday afternoon highway traffic. And by getting back to work a bit earlier he managed make $500 so the car paid for itself.

So at the end of it all who knows what the outcome will be. Rocky isn’t an A+ embryo but from reading the forums I’ve learned that many A+ embryos don’t make it and sometimes C grade embryos do. We just have to cross our fingers and hope that we are one of the lucky ones.

Thank you to everyone for your support. It has meant so much.


PS Preg test isn’t until 7 Nov so we have a full 2WW.

PPS The Dr seems to think we just got lucky conceiving our first born. He doesn’t think this is a new thing for us, just that every now and then one makes it and our son was the one.  Apparently the eggs that didn’t fertilise didn’t even have the sperm binding to them (normally a number of sperm may bind to one egg and then they fight it out until one wiggles in – so I wasn’t even getting any binding on my unfertilisted eggs). It was like the sperm didn’t like them. So I’m off to do some research on that.



24 thoughts on “IVF #1 – the morning after transfer

  1. Glad things seemed to have gone well. Maybe the spot of blood was Rocky implanting, not him making his way out. Think positive!! I’m not sure what to think of the non-binding sperm thing. And sorry you have to go through a whole 2ww!!! Get some rest this weekend, and hope you’re feeling better soon.


    • Thanks Amy. According to the timeline the clinic gave me implantation doesn’t occur before day 3 after transfer so that’s why I didn’t think it was that. BUT you just never know. Sometimes our bodies take over and do things that are unexpected. I am trying to stay positive!!

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  2. I think you need to sit with your legs up the wall. You know that yoga pose? Just like it sounds, lay on your back and put your legs up the wall. First off, it is a very restorative pose. It helps the immune system and really, now I’m afraid of Rocky falling out – so, like, just invert yourself so he can’t! Seriously, I’d spend my entire weekend like that. 🙂

    I’m so happy for you, and when you were talking about getting emotional during the implant, well, I got emotional too! 🙂


  3. Gooooo Rocky! Fight, fight, fight! I’m glad to see he (or she) is safely where he belongs. Try not to worry about that bit of blood. Who the heck knows where that came from–your body has been through so much these last couple of weeks, it could really be anything. I’m really glad Eric is being so supportive, yay! Enjoy your restful weekend. I’m pulling for you and the Rockster over here!


  4. Funny. That’s pretty much exactly what my RE said about me and my stubborn eggs. Frigid, shy freaking eggs not wanting to mingle! Not fitting in! Argh!

    Happy happy thoughts for you and Rocky!


    • I have been doing some research and apparently there is some protein on the egg that sends out the signal “come fertilise me” and there is a protein in the sperm that has a signal “where are the eggs”. These two proteins talk. So my embryologists was saying that it could be a communication issue. Weird though that we have both HAD eggs fertilise with the sperm that isn’t talking to our eggs in a dish. I just don’t get it. I am healthier than I ever was when I conceived my son and had NO PROBLEMS. But I guess every once in awhile the message gets through. It could be with other sperm our eggs wouldn’t have this issue. Anyway, hopefully with ICSI we will both see better results (provided I’m not preggo of course). x


  5. Your post didn’t come up in my feed! I had to search for you to check everything was all good! I’m glad you were able to transfer a 3 day embryo 🙂 and you’re right; the crap ones can often turn into good ones. I was telling another blogger that my crappy 5 cell embryo on day 3 turned into a perfect almost hatching blast on day 6 and was frozen so really do not give up home. (I know it didn’t work for me but there are suspected implantation issues) I hate these full 2ww! My previous clinic used to do a BT at 14dp5dt! The wait killed me haha. Rest up & I hope that little embie is getting snuggled in for the long haul!


    • Awwww thank you for searching for me. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! 🙂 I actually just had a chat with the nurse from the clinic and asked about the 5 cell day 3 embryo and she insisted that no, it was absolutely fine and that the scientists are always very happy for that many cells at three days. So maybe things change with time. And it’s nice to hear your story of how your little embie pulled through and did well. Yay that you figured out the reader thing too btw. I’ve followed you now too. Hooray!

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  6. Holy shit, this ball rolls fast. I just caught myself up on all that’s going on….well, inside and outside of your uterus.

    I’m now humming eye of the tiger and likely will for days.

    Omg, the best of luck to you lady!!! i know you are stressed, but i’m so excited for you! I’m sending you good vibes…I have a wonderful feeling about this!


    • hehe I think I’m going to play Eye of the Tiger to Rocky in a bit! My brother suggested it and I think it’s a stellar idea, Thanks for the good wishes and vibes. Loving all these good vibrations. 🙂


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