IVF #1 – And then there was one

You can probably guess from the title of the post where we are at. None of the other eggs fertilised in the extended timeframe and of the two that we had, one went a bit crazy with the dividing overnight and had to be discarded.

So we have one. And you only need one. Right? I’ve been calling it the 5000 dollar embryo. Ha. (IVF costs about double that here but between private and public health you get down to the $5k mark for a full cycle).

And as we only have one they are going to do a day 3 transfer which is tomorrow. I am booked in for acupuncture before AND after transfer and we have a friend watching our little monkey so we are good to go.

I’m trying to be really positive about it all but truly, I’m in a bit of a funk. I feel a bit like this.

bitching meme

I’m all irritable and short tempered and grumpy with the existing child so I know I’m a bit depressed about it all. Plus I’m exhausted. It’s hard to muster up the energy for anything and I have the world’s most energetic child. This morning we went to playgroup for 2 hours (great mega running around outdoor session), went to the shops, came home and it was “I don’t want to stay home all day, Mummy”. I figure I’m not going to be able to be so active with him next week so after 1 hour at home I asked him “What do you want to do? We can do anything you want”

“I want to ride my bike to the park”

The park is 15 mins fast walk away. If you’ve ever tried to traverse that sort of distance with a toddler on a bike you will know that it is much longer than 15 mins. Anyway, we did that and stopped for icecream on the way home. We get home having been out a good 2 hours and I get “Do you want to kick the ball with me, Mum? Do you want to come outside?”.

I am so pleased he is an energetic athletic little thing but man oh man, some days it is just too hard. Like today.

keep calm ivf quoteSO. Transfer day tomorrow. Hopefully our little buddy (Rocky I’m calling it) is a fighter and ready to get in there and snuggle up close and tight. My current little monkey is off for a weekend at Daddy’s so I’m looking forward to some relaxed chilled time. I’m going to do some meditations and see if I can’t get this baby to stick.

Keep it real peeps.



24 thoughts on “IVF #1 – And then there was one

      • Hey! I’ve also been sporadical in reading, and even worse writing.cant write at work, at home it’s absolutely mental with the kids and mess and simply the extreme amount of work and little hands on deck (partner works evenings, we live far from family). They wake up all night so I go to bed early….no time for anything more than the basics. I’m thinking of trying to get to work an hour early to write but one or other kid is always ill…anyway rant over (always same rant!) I will find a way, one day…. Wish I could write at home… That would be the dream…one day. Big hugs to you on your journey, feel totally out of touch with it but fingers crossed darling. Xxxxxx


  1. I’d be in a funk, too, but I really think Rocky’s got this one! It really only does take one, and this one is clearly a fighter–it fertilized when most didn’t, it divided properly when its companion didn’t. I’m sending over my best positive thoughts to you and your little embryo. As a resident of Philadelphia, otherwise known as the City of Rocky, it is my civic duty to leave you with this quote from the man himself:

    “Life is not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving.”

    You got this, girl!

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    • hehe this is the best comment ever! You know I was calling my little embryo Rocky in the hope it would help it fight and be strong once it was back inside. I had forgotten about the fighting it had already done. Thank you for reminding me of that. It is already strong. I got very emotional thinking about this this morning. Thank you x

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