Egg Collection Day – IVF #1

Today is freaking Egg Collection Day and I am soooooo ridiculously excited which in itself is dumb. There is no guarantee that this will go perfectly so I want to try and moderate my emotions so there is less distance to fall if something goes wrong but gosh darn, I really can’t help it.

I’ve spent the whole night dreaming that I forgot I was supposed to be nil by mouth for the anesthesia and took a drink of water or ate whatever my dreams were filled of so although I am well rested it has been a bit of a crazy sleep. I think I might be operating on a fair bit of adrenalin right now.

The hormonal tiredness has finally lifted and I’m feeling bloated but good. I am ready for this hurdle.


I’ll be back later with my stats.

Adios Amigos!


19 thoughts on “Egg Collection Day – IVF #1

  1. Hey Em have you been continuing your herbs throughout the cycle & stims? I stopped about a week ago, because I think I just had enough of it all and hit a bit of a (big) slump. The herbs ate not exactly great – tasting (I don’t have them in pill form, just powder mixed in water, and some of the formulas are down right awful). I’m feeling like I’m able to pick up the pieces again and am considering getting more herbs tomorrow when I go for Acu. I’ve asked the wife to no longer enable my chocolate binge too. Must. Stop. Now!!


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