IVF #1 – CD11 – We had a few wins!

Wooo! Always like to start a post with a whoot and not a whine.

I had my second scan yesterday and there was good news. All is progressing well but not quite so well that I’ll have my egg retrieval tomorrow…we are waiting until Monday instead. This is what I was secretly hoping for as it means my Dr will be back from his time away and will do my egg retrieval. YAY! It also means three more days of needles but I think it’s an OK trade off.

I have no idea about all the details of the scan this time as the Dr who did it isn’t as particular about writing stuff down as some other Drs. He likes to keep everything in his head it seems. Seems a pretty shit place for it but anyway. So he didn’t tell me exactly how many follicles and each individual size or my endometrium lining measurement. He just wrote a range down on my form and sent me off on my way. Β However when I visited the clinic to get more meds they said he had spoken to them about my visit and was very happy with my progress. So YAY!

I filled my acupuncturist in on all this when I was having yet another treatment yesterday afternoon (more needles ugh) and bless her cotton socks she said if I was going to be up there for another scan on Friday that I could make an appt for another session with her at NO COST. She just really feels that I could use the extra support before the egg collection on Monday (and to be fair I’ve spent probably around 2 thousand with her in the last 3 months but STILL). She is worth her weight in gold this woman. I love her.

So if all goes well with egg collection Monday I should be having a transfer next Friday or Saturday. It feels too soon to be hopeful about that yet though. There seem to be so many things that could be game changers in this process. It’s like a long distance hurdle event.

My acupuncturist told me a story yesterday about a woman who had something like 20 eggs collected on her first round of IVF and then THEY DROPPED THEM in the lab. OMFG, can you believe it?! Talk about bad luck. I feel like I need to go find some energy person to clear my juju when I hear those stories. BUT things are going alright here so far. We are moving along nicely so just need to hold onto that. But, you know, hurdles. They can come up at any point.

I’ll be back in the next couple of days after scan number 3.





23 thoughts on “IVF #1 – CD11 – We had a few wins!

  1. That happened to Nia Vardalos. If you read her book, Instant Mom, she talks about how on her last round of IVF it was the first time that her egg quality looked really good and the eggs got dropped. My gut just twisted when i read that.


    • Ugh. It can’t be helped – there is always human error and it will always be someone at the other end of it but still, ugh. We could all do with lab technicians and Drs being perfect thanks very much! No pressure of course πŸ˜‰


  2. Sounds like everything is going smoothly! I’m excited! That story sucks…your acupuncturist sounds great but at the same time, that was silly for her to tell you that. Its like people who tell labor horror stories to pregnant women. grrr! Everything will be go great. xo


    • hehe so funny, I had that thought later but it didn’t worry me at the time. These things don’t happen often so I’m just going with that. Probably more likely to die in a car accident. πŸ™‚


    • I have acupuncture which is different to acupressure (although I’ve had that too). During my pregnancy my acupuncturist used to give me a little acupressure massage around my spinal injury which helped a lot. It was just like lots of little fingers on particular pressure points. Acupuncture is like being a pin cushion – although it’s not painful. Basically they put very fine little needles in certain points around your body depending on what you are focusing on and then you just lie there for 10 or 20 mins with them in. Then she might do some on my back or a different set of points. I find it rather relaxing and it has been shown to have great success with IVF. The particular session that is supported by research is the one that you do post transfer of the embryo. Success rates are higher for those women who do that particular session. I think it has a lot to do with blood flow. That session would be all about blood flow to the uterus which I guess helps with implantation. There is a university here that is doing a massive study (has been going for 10 years now) of acupuncture during all stages of trying to conceive. My acupuncturist is participating now. I can’t wait to see how the results come out when they eventually do.


  3. Yay for good news! I’m glad everything is going smoothly so far and that you will have your retrieval on Monday. It totally is a long distance hurdle event, but you are in the home stretch! And OMG that story from your acupuncturist. Sometimes people need just a wee bit more filter!


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