9dpo – and my fingernails are growing

This cycle we tried naturally while I had my MRI and decided what to do moving forward. I have had pretty much radio silence from the old uterus this past week so I don’t have high hopes for this natural cycle. However…my fingernails are growing and that is the one thing that tipped me off when I was pregnant with my little dude almost 4 years ago.

Of course I am on am mega healthy diet at the moment so it could be nothing more than that but it is nice to have some degree of hope. Also, I had the loss last month and there is that old wives tale going around that you are infinitely more fertile the month following a loss so who knows, maybe the wives were right?

I’m not temping or tracking or doing any of those things. My appointment with the specialist to sort out the protocol for IVF is this afternoon so really looking forward to that. I’m so ready!! Might test in the next couple of days but might not. Depends on how the body feels.

Hope all is well in your world peeps. You guys rock the casbah!



10 thoughts on “9dpo – and my fingernails are growing

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