Finally….some good news!

I was going to write and update you last week but I’m glad I waited to write this post. If I’d written it last week after my specialist appointment I would have sounded all overwhelmed and terrified and as it turns out, things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

Let me rewind.

Last week I went to discuss next steps with the Doc. We both pretty much agreed that as it was my second early loss that I should get off and have that MRI and see if that patch of stuff was in fact adenomyosis, in which case it would be hampering my little ovums from implanting all nice and snug.

I was convinced that was the case. I just didn’t believe that there could be some genetic reason the cells weren’t dividing and implanting when it had happened TWICE in 6 months. TWICE.

If I did have adenomyosis the course of treatment would be complete suppression of my own system for 3 months and then a steriod in the last month. Given I’ve tried to be as natural as possible with this whole thing I’d found this information pretty frightening, hence feeling overwhelmed.

So on Tuesday this week I trotted off to the city and got myself an MRI. Turns out, I don’t have adenomyosis. My results were all clear. Hooray! It just goes to show there’s no point worrying about things until you know all the answers.

Where to from here? Well that’s a good questions. My acupuncturist wants me to hold off and let her work on me some more. She has given me pills to help with cell division and something else that seems to encourage the better eggs to mature and I am of course having my regular acupuncture treatments.

I’m not sure I can hold off though and give it that time, as much as I believe in her. I feel like the IUI did work for us, I just didn’t implant so I want to give that another go. I tried to speak with the specialist yesterday but missed his call and then he was gone when I got time to call back so it will have to be a Monday thing. That at least gives me time to think it over.

Eric isn’t keen to dilly dally and I don’t blame him. He is happy to try IUI again and not skip straight forward to IVF but he doesn’t like the idea of doing “nothing”, even though technically we’d be preparing the body.

I’m also about to start what I’m calling 90 Days of Healthiness. I’m basically going to do a big fat arse cleanse and quit everything that tastes good in the world for 90 days. HA. I might as well give it my best shot. To help this I’ve signed up to do this 8 week I Quit Sugar program which has a whole menu plan that goes along with it. I’m nothing if not amazing when it comes to following rules and instruction to achieve a goal.

Also, if I”m not preggers in 90 days I know that we will be starting IVF for sure and this way I can make sure I’m sprouting THE best eggs possible if there is a harvest to be had.

So that’s it folks, that’s the scoop. Feedback on the where to from here part is welcome. I’ll be taking all little bits and pieces of advice to help me make my decision.

Adios amigos!



19 thoughts on “Finally….some good news!

  1. I’m just coming off a 4 month break while it was healing in a lot of ways I am excited to get back on the Actively trying to conceive bandwagon after all at least then we are doing something. Good luck to you I’m glad the results were in your favor.


  2. Glad things with the ultrasound turned out good!! Proud of you with your 90 day mission! Hope things continue to look up for you, and you get that baby you’ve been hoping for soon!


  3. Whoa – glad to hear all is well. I just looked up adenomyosis and it is not nice. No wonder you were worried!!! It’s really good to hear from you – I’ve thought about you such a lot and I know how absolutely crap it is to feel like your eggs just aren’t making it :-(.
    I think your 90 day plan is BRILLIANT – and you know what? I know that if anyone can stick to it, you can. I’ve spent ages looking at the I Quit Sugar plan. I actually got Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book out of the library a month ago and really liked it. I’ve toyed with the idea of joining up (and therefore joining you!), but… I just don’t think I’ve got it in me. I really do have a problem with sweet things, and I seem to sit at a set level of consumption that has been the same for years and years (I have a sweet treat pretty much every day at around 10am). The rest of the time I’m pretty good, but I know I probably still eat too many carbs even though I am gluten-free.
    I did go cold turkey for a while (and the first 5 days were the worst), but I couldn’t stay away in the long run. Meh. You will do loads better.
    I am excited for you – there’s nothing like a plan to make you feel better and it only takes one egg. Just one!
    Wishing you luck and WILLPOWER xxx


    • haha I think I can stick to it to…well we’ll see. i’m feeling good about it so far. I have a friend here (n my town) who has signed up with me so it will be great to have a buddy along for the ride when it gets tough. I’m going to have to be uber organised that’s for sure. I’ve already started using things like liquid stevia in my tea etc which she does do in certain weeks but there are about 4 weeks in the 8 week program that involve no sugar at all. As long as I’m not hungry I’ll be fine and I don’t imagine I will be. Famous last words hehe Thanks for the kind words. Means a lot xxx


  4. Awesome news! I had 2 miscarriages 7 months apart before carrying my second babe to term. No explanations from the dr. except “age.” It sucked shit and I am so happy to be on the other side of it. Can’t wait for it to happen for you as well. ❤ ❤


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