13 days post IUI – one more sleep!!!!

Well, I’ve almost made it to the end. Soon we will find out one way or another what is going on in that little tummy of mine this month.

The PMS type symptoms seemed to fade away the other day so that has cheered me rather substantially.

I have been using my good mood and energy to do lots of work this weekend while my little monkey is with his dad. It has been a good way to stop me from buckling and doing an early test. I want to test as I want to know but at the same time I don’t want to lose this feeling of hope and happiness that I have and I’m afraid that will happen if a get a negative result.

Plus, I have a shit tonne of work on and if I get a bad result I’ll probably lose all focus on that and quite frankly, I don’t have the time. So I wait.

Opportunities to test have been rather frequent I must say as I am peeing like a trooper which I’m taking to be a good sign. I also feel a bit weird. It’s not nausea but it’s not really indigestion either. I can’t really put my finger on it. And I’m ravenous this morning and seem to be losing my taste for sweets.

This, of course, could all just be in my head as certain signs and symptoms have been in previous months but I don’t know. This is different. I do feel different.

So, tomorrow (Monday) is test day. Or maybe I’ll wait until Tuesday. Tomorrow is day 29 but I ovulated day 15 so technically I think AF should probably arrive on the Tuesday. So maybe I’ll just wait until Tuesday. It’s weird this time. Normally I can’t wait to test but this time it just feels like every day that I don’t test and AF isn’t here is another day I could possibly be pregnant and I’m just enjoying that a little. It’s like I can’t face the snowy white negative.

Monkey’s 3rd birthday is on Thursday so I can’t tell you how nice it would be to have good news about a little baby brother or sister by then.

Keepin’ my bits crossed.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend wherever in this grand world you are.


PS Anyone spent much time on fiverr??? OMG I’m addicted. Great for illustrations. There are some really talented people on there!


12 thoughts on “13 days post IUI – one more sleep!!!!

  1. See, now I’m thinking I SHOULD have nominated you for the ALS challenge. One more thing to have kept your mind off of testing! 🙂 (I said I didn’t because I didn’t have Fosters on hand, but in reality I wasn’t sure dumping a bucket of ice water on a newly pregnant woman would be kind…) 🙂 Hugs & love to you.


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