11 days post IUI – Hmmmmm

Just a quickie this morning. Last night I got really irritable and what is another way to describe irritable at this time of your cycle? PMS.


I also started to feel that familiar cramping and the ‘AF is on her way’ type of lower back ache.


I know early pregnancy can mimic AF’s arrival but I’m starting to think this might not come off this cycle after all.


3 more sleeps to go…thankfully I am so busy that I am going to work the whole time Monkey is with his dad this weekend.


16 thoughts on “11 days post IUI – Hmmmmm

  1. Eugh, what is it with our bodies?? Although saying that I’d agree 100% that in the days before AF it does feel exactly like AF is coming when you are in fact pregnant. Only time will tell. Still hoping for you… X


    • Thanks 🙂 Have you done any early testing at your end or have you given up?

      The “I’m going to get my period for sure” feeling has now waned a little here so I have a little hope back here. I guess it really is just a wait and see game from here…


  2. Ugh 2ww sucks!!! I’m going for my first IUI on Monday after a few cycles break, and it’ll be my last before we go IVF. I’m already dreading the 2ww. I wish you good luck and hope your symptoms are the good ones! Ps When I was last pregnant the one clear preg symptom I had was frequent trips to the bathroom.


    • I have had that this week! Peeing constantly and always needing to get up in the middle of the night. Fingers crossed this cycle goes well for you. I’ve followed you to stay in the loop. Oh and thanks for stopping by and leaving your fabulous comments! So helpful!


  3. Btw my Acu /herbalist was telling me there are clinical trials in China where they’re doing herbs only, clomid only, and clomid +herbs. The results are showing clomid alone works better than herbs alone (didn’t specify whether the women had only done one cycle or more with either), but that the clomid + herbs showed the greatest success. I’m doing femara + herbs for the first time and I also feel great, though I’m not feeling overly optimistic for my own iui (this will be IUI #11 and IVF is the route next cycle). Fingers toes eyes legs.. Everything crossed!


  4. I’m sitting in the same boat as you. A couple days ago I was sure I was just having PMS. Since then it’s just been sore boobs, and yesterday started some very light, brown spotting. Then last night when I got into bed I felt nauseous and anxious all at the same time for about 10 mins. I’m 11 days out, and confused lol.


    • 11 days until AF? Or 11 days since ovulation? Fingers crossed all this means good stuff for you. My boobs have started to get sore today but that happens right before AF for me anyway. Hmmmm. I have also had a little bit of what feels like kind of indigestion. 2 more sleeps…I’m starting to feel tempted to test early. Argh.


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