10 days post IUI and my pulse “feels good”

Well here I am at 10 days post IUI and I have to tell you, I still feel amazing. Emotionally and mentally this has been such a great cycle and I truly do thank the acupuncture and herbs for that. I am certain it is helping me to feel balanced.

I saw my acupuncturist for a treatment today and of course she can’t possibly know whether I’m pregnant or not or say what she feels like might be the case however she did say on more than one occasion “Your pulse feels reeeeeally good”. And she had a nice little smile on her face while saying it. So I’m taking hope from that and the fact that I feel good and just hoping for the best in a glass half full kinda way.

Funnily enough when I was pregnant with my almost 3 year old my anxiety (which was at it’s worst right before I fell) was also completely gone. I was super zen during that pregnancy. It was bliss. So maybe my calm zen state this month means something positive too?

I feel so good and stress free that I’m not even tempted to test early. I’m just going to wait and see how the cards fall this month. I feel really calm and good with it all.

4 sleeps until my due date. That will be the earliest I will test.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. You guys rock!



9 thoughts on “10 days post IUI and my pulse “feels good”

  1. Oooooo – trying not to get excited!!! Will sit tight and wait for the next four sleeps. Well done on staying happy and focused. Being at home 24/7 with the boys over summer has made this two week wait hard to bear (way too much thinking time each day). Keeping everything crossed that this is it… XXX


    • I’m trying so hard not to feel excited too. And yes, parenting gives you way to much thinking time. I totally agree!! Too bad playing cards and doing craft isn’t more captivating. LOL xx


    • How’s it all going Rose? Do you still feel you are out for the month? You must be due about now. I had a really exasperating inconclusive HPT. Just got blood test done. Now we wait. Crossing fingers. x


  2. I just love this at-peace, calm, zen, accept it for what it is vibe you have going on. This can only translate to good psyche and good health (and hopefully pregnancy!). Sending much love your way, girl. xoxo


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