7 days post IUI – the halfway mark

Finally, I’ve made it to the half way point on this journey. By this time next week I will know whether or not I am preggers. While the wait isn’t as hideous and all consuming as last time it is only marginally less. Β This month I have a lot more hope and positivity about it all. The Chinese herbs are probably helping this. I’m not sure I mentioned this but it turns out some of the herbs the acupuncturist has given me are the equivalent of happy pills.

I am also taking an implantation herb which tastes disgusting, well it tastes like dirt. Very earthy as my friend said. She was bang on. I am pretty focused with the pills and herbs which is unusual for me. I seem to find it really challenging to remember them all of the time but there is something in me that has me right on track with it all this month. I think it is because the acupuncturist is constantly telling me her success stories as we chat away. I always thought acupuncture was the predominant part of treatment but she says she often treats people by distance with just herbs and has a lot of success. So my take home from that was that the herbs are powerful, I must take them. I think it helped that I was feeling so good and positive after being so stressed and that all lined up with the happy herb she gave me. I’m also glad she didn’t tell me it was a happy herb when she gave it to me so my response is just natural.

Anyway I think I’m just banging on here for the sake of banging on. Am I preggers? Have no freaking idea. Movement in the baby making area seems pretty minimal this month compared to a lot of activity last month so have no idea if that is any indication. This month we also added in some BD (baby dancing for those who don’t know this one) 3 days before and 2 days after the IUI so hopefully we have increased the chances. You can never really know when you have ovulated so thought we might as well throw the extra into the ring. I didn’t want to do it too close to the actual time as I didn’t want to dilute the super sperm we had paid to get in there. Plus I figured if one of my other eggs DID pop a day or so later (my ovaries seemed very busy this month with the Clomid) then there was some sense in having some fresh swimmers in the region.

Ah the things we share on blogs. LOL

Countdown is on. Lucky I have a busy week. Β Pray for us. I would love your prayers and wishes and hopes if you have a small second in your day. Thank you.



24 thoughts on “7 days post IUI – the halfway mark

  1. Hi there, just found your blog. We have been ttc for a few years, married for 12 years and didnt use birth control…and now its time for us to have a baby and guess what?? its really hard. Tests done, nothing wrong, but its not happening. So, we had a IUI done this month…i am day 27 today and hoping for NO period…still need to wait a few days though….i ve been having tiny cramps which freaks me out cause it feels like im getting my period….ugg. fingers crossed.


    • Hi Priscilla! Thanks so much for leaving a message. I have been pregnant before (I have a 2 year old) and I can tell you that I had cramps then too and was convinced I wasn’t preggers. It’s sooooo hard to even tell as getting your period and being pregnant can be so similar. We were really lucky with our first and fell pregnant so easily. I really struggle with the fact it is so hard for us this time. It really sucks!!!! So I feel your pain. Crossing my fingers for a positive result you. Lots of baby dust and juju coming your way. πŸ™‚


  2. I died laughing over the happy herbs, and it’s a really good thing you didn’t know that in advance! But, I’m super proud of you for taking them all this month and staying on top of it – and I don’t know if extra swimmers will help, but I’m with you – it can’t hurt! πŸ™‚

    Fingers and toes and labia crossed!


  3. God bless the woman crossing her labia….I’m now crossing my legs as well as my fingers!

    I’m just going to yell “well wishes!!!” Because I have no idea what would be appropriate in this situation. I’m sending you every fertile vibe I’ve got!!! Chin up, lady. You’re going to make a hell of a mom of two!


  4. Hey Ems, glad to hear you are hanging in there. I think herbs are super-powerful – totally unrelated story, but I saw a herbalist a few months before I got married to help with my skin and she got it looking fabulous for my wedding day (god that seems like a long time ago). Whatever she gave me tasted strong and grassy but it did the trick, so well done on keeping up with them. Maybe no inclination from your body is a good thing. Hopefully it’s happily ticking along growing some new baby cells πŸ™‚ I think of you every day and am really hoping this works out. Half way through, downhill now, you can do it!! X


    • So can you! Damn utererus is pretty silent although not feeling empty so that is good. I think of you every day too lovely. Maybe we should skype sometime and have that tea!?! Let me know if you are ever up for it x


  5. Hey there! Just wanted to wish you luck with this! We’ve been TTC for 4 months, with the help of OPKs, but still nothing. I’ve been frustrated and upset, my husband tells me I stress too much, but I’m just so ready for things to happen I don’t want to wait any longer! I had been married at 20, and we went over a year not necessarily trying, but not preventing pregnancy either, and nothing happened. I’m convinced I’m flawed. A friend directed me to blogs, and it makes me feel a lot more normal lol. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you, especially since you put extra effort in before and after!!


    • Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me this lovely message. I understand you frustration. I’ve followed your blog but am yet to catch up on what you’ve been trying. Do you use the digital OPKs? While more expensive I have found them more accurate for me.When I used the LH strips I was getting a positive for days and days in a row so it was really confusing. Crossing my fingers for you that it happens soon. Oh and btw YOU ARE NOT FLAWED!!! Babies come in a different way for all of us. Some are quick (like my first), some take longer and some need a little help. Whatever the outcome for you don’t ever feel flawed. Good luck!


      • Yeah using the digital OPKs, I got the Clearblue easy ones. I didn’t think I was ever going to ovulate this month…wasn’t until CD23, I was just about to give up and try again next month. We’ll see what happens I guess! And thanks for your comment too!! πŸ™‚


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