The eagle has landed

Well, that’s it. We are done and dusted for another cycle, this time with a wee bit of assistance from modern technology.

The actual IUI procedure was a bit more shit than I thought it would be. I’d somehow managed to convince myself it was going to be just like having a pap smear and in some ways it was, it was just like having a shit pap smear.

The speculum pinched going in (don’t you hate when that happens) and I was so tense I felt like a virgin. Then when the tube goes through the cervical opening there is a bit of scraping that occurs and that kinda stings. So it’s not awful but just sucks a bit.

I should mention that despite the fact that in my 37 years I have undergone a number of medical procedures – far more than your average bear – I am still a big fat wuss. So don’t let my whining freak you out if you have to do this.

ANYWAY I survived it. I came out really hoping that we could jag this whole IUI thing more than ever as I figured it I hate this procedure then I bet the whole transfer of embryo thing for IVF is another kind of sucky altogether.

I was a good girl and came home and did my post insemination meditation that actually sent me off into a nice little nap on the lounge which was absolutely lovely. I love these meditations. I can do them as often as i like each day so I might have another crack at it again this afternoon and see if I can jag nap number 2.

Now we just keep on keeping on and do the two week wait dance. I can’t even be naughty and test early as the trigger shot interferes with the HCG hormone levels for most of the 2WW so can generate a positive result when there isn’t one. All I can do now is be patient.



8 thoughts on “The eagle has landed

  1. Just catching up here – has been a fascinating read! I can’t believe the illness timing – so typical of life!! However, I don’t think it will interfere – your body is great at isolating baby stuff from everything else. I’ve been meditating too, every evening this month, we’re giving it everything we can before we see a doc who shakes his head sadly at my advanced maternal age, ha!! Very interesting your acupuncturist said no more sugar – I quit sugar in January and got pregnant. Maybe I should again (it has crept back up, as it tends to). Glad also you didn’t go back to the crappy lady from before. Wow, I didn’t realise there was a trigger that afected testing. Bad for me as I always test with super-sensitive sticks from day 7, lol!!! I have EVERYTHING crossed for you and am sure with the increased odds and your amazing eating, you stand a fantastic chance. This could be IT!!!! xxxxxx


  2. OK, I wrote you a massive comment yesterday on my phone, and it’s just not here?? WordPress via mobile can be so unreliable!!! Basically I said I’d just caught up on the last couple of posts, and it was all v interesting info for me and you being ill was bad, but probably not a problem and that I hoped it all worked out and that I was excited about your chances and the acupuncturist sounds much nicer than the last one, and maybe I should completely quit sugar (again) too and all sorts. Huh. Anyway, all of the above!!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL! xxxx


    • Oooo sorry it did work. I just haven’t logged in to approve it yet – my phone defaults to my other profile so need to log into my pc…and you posted under your “other” profile which is why approval is required as my blog didn’t recognise you lol On 22/07/2014 10:23 PM, “The Secret Life of Emily Maine” wrote:



  3. Ahhhhh – just clicked your meditation link and I’M LISTENING TO THE SAME ONE, ha ha! (The normal cycle one at the mo, but I love it and will buy the IUI if we go that way too!) X


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