Prepping for IUI

This has been the big week of prep. It has also been the big week of sickness. Bum fucking timing but you get that. I could moan on all about it but what would be the point? We just need to work with what we’ve got.

Day 9

So the week started out with a visit to the specialist on Monday so they could scan my ovaries for ripening follicles. They wanted to do this on CD10 but my Dr is in different rooms so they brought it back to CD09. Instinctively I felt this was probably too early as I am a late ovulater but let them go with it as there are many things I don’t know about this reproductive stuff.

Turns out I’m no dummy and it was rather early. I had a few follicles but the longest one was 11 which is still too short to call as THE egg (you want more like a 14 or 15 apparently). We discussed my usual ovulation pattern (this is the benefit of having charted for almost a year – I could have these conversations) and decided that based on previous cycles we could assume that I would be ready for insemination the following Monday – CD16. He said I could come back for another scan on Wednesday if I wanted to see how things were going but that he was also happy to proceed with the following Monday regardless. I decided to just go with it as I am pretty confident about my cycle.

The only thing I had to do was do the digital ovulation tests in the days leading up to the insemination to make sure I didn’t ovulate early. I am to take the trigger injection on Sunday morning unless I get a +ve OPK that day.

Day 11

They have an acupuncturist associated with their rooms so I gave her a buzz the next day and she got me on the Wednesday – CD11. She is AMAZING. I actually almost went back to the bitch I hated before (as I felt that perhaps she had been successful – I did fall pregnant after seeing her after all) but I’m sooooo glad that I didn’t. I got a much better vibe from seeing this lady. She even downloaded me some meditations specifically for IUI and IVF cycles and sent me home with them on a thumb drive. She really is just brilliant. Next session was scheduled for Saturday. Oh and she banned me from sugar from her on.

I also went for a massage today as I’ve been doing a lot of running and my body has been a bit sore. All in all it was a great day. I didn’t get much work done but I got lots of other things done that made me feel calm, happy and positive.

Day 12

Uh oh. Today I started coughing like nobody’s business.

Day 13

I’m sick. Really really sick. Like can’t move my body it hurts so much sick.  Cannot believe the fucking timing. Funnily enough I have been worrying about whether or not the running is really a good idea with the whole assisted fertility thing and maybe this is a sign that it’s not…

-ve OPK. So far so good.

Day 14

-ve OPK again. Good. I didn’t ovulate too early. Phew.

Acupuncturist session was great today. Very relaxing. I think I’m so under the weather that I actually kipped on the table. I was even nodding off while she was putting the needles in. Today was part prepping for IUI and part attempting to clear this godawful flu. She reckons she hasn’t succumbed to a cold in 5 years and the reason why is this little process she follows.

As soon as you feel the cold is coming on put some fresh ginger slices in a mug and top with hot water from the kettle. Drink it as soon as you can, while running a hot bath. Then make another and drink that second drink while in the hot bath. The goal being that you work up a sweat. She swears if you do it as soon as you feel a bit of a cold coming on that you will fight it off every time.

I was also sent home with chinese cold and flu herbs.

Day 15

-ve OPK again this morning which means I need to do the trigger shot. This will be the first time I’ve ever put a needle in my body myself and I’m slightly petrified.

trigger injection This photo is my tray of stuff that I had all set out so I felt organised. Obviously it is after I did the needle hence the opened alcohol wipe…

For all those wondering about what this was like – it actually wasn’t half bad. The idea of it was much worse than the reality. The way they get you to do it makes it very easy and it didn’t even hurt believe it or not.

I felt very brave afterwards!

So tomorrow will be CD 16 and we will be doing the insemination. I’m still sick but definitely better than I was yesterday and the day before so that is something. I’ve done a bit of research about whether or not to proceed while being ill and it seems that sometimes people are successful despite being sick. Some Drs have actually said that they think it might be beneficial as your body is busy fighting the illness so won’t fight the pregnancy. I’m not sure how true this is and if it is backed by any science but it’s a nice thought.



5 thoughts on “Prepping for IUI

  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

    And I like the acupuncturist’s recommendation for cold-fighting a lot better than my trial of garlic feet. 🙂
    Will log this for future reference!


  2. Yay!! I can’t wait to hear more! Good job on the shot, not easy for sure. I did Lovenox shots through both pregnancies and it isn’t fun!
    I’m with Nancy on the advice, good to know for colds! Also, inner defense by young living essential oils kicks stuff really quickly too.
    Much love!!


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