Test results and a decision about IVF

I actually got these results back more than a week ago now. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write a post! Life calls.

Anyway it was all GREAT news. I had quite a high result (31.5 – not sure how to convert for US) for the egg count test which basically means I have above the normal amount for my age. Now. This can be an indication of Poly Cistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) however I don’t exhibit ANY other physical signs of it. Also, if it interferes with fertility it is only because it can prevent ovulation and based on all my charting and testing etc it does seem like I am definitely ovulating. So even if I have a mild case of PCOS my specialist doesn’t think it is my fertility issue and he said it wouldn’t change his treatment recommendation.

I also had a scan while I was there and he was able to see where I had most likely just ovulated from so that was a good sign. He said that my ovaries were a little poly cystic looking but not significantly and again, not really a game changer based on everything else that is happening.

The other good news was that because I have such a good result where eggs are concerned he is actually happy to try the IUI (inter uterine insemination) after all. I’ve been jokingly calling it turkey basting but it is a little more technical than that. Essentially they do put the sperm, via a tube, right into the uterus so if they’re too dumb to find their way through the cervix then that is no longer a problem. They also do a few little tricks with the sperm before the basting. On the morning of the treatment they take a fresh sample, remove all the fastest swimmers and then supe them up to make them even faster. They call it a “wash”. Whatever. As long as it gets there I’m all good with that.

This is considerably cheaper than IVF. We are looking at only $300 a pop. Still it does have a much lower success rate than IVF so we need to be realistic about how many times we are prepared to do it as after a certain number you might as well be putting your $$ towards IVF. So I have decided we will do 2 cycles, then we move onto IVF.

I get to have a totally natural cycle with this which I am so happy about. I don’t have to take drugs in preparation at all. The only thing I will have to take is something to make me ovulate at the exact time they want to do the basting. That’s it. Oh and then probably some progesterone to help with it sticking.

I am feeling great about this. This is what i wanted to do and I feel like it might work for us. We’ll see. I’m going totally clean with my eating for the whole thing. Until I get pregnant (so it better not take too long!!! I want the odd cake every now and then!!!).

The other cool thing about the high number of eggs business is that if we do end up on IVF then will likely respond really well to stimulation and therefore manage to harvest a high number of eggs. So there is a positive slant to everything.

So if I’m not pregnant this month (and we’ll know in a matter of days) then in about 2 weeks time THIS will be happening.

Hope everyone else is going well in blog land.

Ems x



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