What’s been going on in these here parts

Howdy friends. Hope you are all fantabulous and are enjoying that “I ate too much chocolate” feeling that we all get after Easter. I’ve been trying desperately not to overindulge as we have my brother’s wedding tomorrow and my dress is a snug fit. I even ran 9kms TWICE this week so that’s gotta help, right?

I have had a few lovely messages from many of you checking in to see if I’m OK and I wanted to let you all know that YES, I am OK. But yes, I have been in hiding. You see I got a little superstitious. That cycle where I actually fell pregnant was my least stressed cycle yet and that had something to do with the fact that I also took a 2 week blogging break right around my 2 week wait. I felt such a release of pressure you wouldn’t believe and I started to wonder whether or not that reduced stress and pressure is what helped me to fall pregnant. And once I had the idea I had a writer’s block the size of Mt Something or other really tall and I just couldn’t write.

So I didn’t.

Now those of you who follow onlyΒ this blog are probably thinkingΒ what on earth is she going on about, she hardly ever blogs.Β And that would be fair as I don’t blog all that much over here BUT on my other blog I was posting consistently twice a week. And I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to do so and to make it good and I wasn’t getting out the quality I wanted and blah blah blah. Trust me, there was pressure. Probably only from me but it was still pressure.

And the release of that pressure just felt oh so amazing.

So what did I do with all that spare time? Well I’ve watched a lot more TV shows. HA! Such a great use of spare time. But I’ve felt relaxed and stress free. We (meaning Eric and I) also looked at going into business and importing a product from North America. It didn’t go ahead and probably a good thing. We fought almost every day for the 2-3 weeks that we were looking into it.

On the pregnancy stuff: I have had only one full cycle since the chemical pregnancy and we didn’t try that month. We are back in the ring again this round and ovulation is due any day now. Hopefully it holds off until tomorrow as I am 10 hours away from Eric at the moment with the whole brother’s wedding thing. We have been down here on holiday with my family for Easter and pre wedding events. It has been super fun. Eric joins us tomorrow for the wedding and then we all drive back together on Sunday.

That’s about it in a nutshell really. I have tried to write a post for my other blog a few times and in the end I only get gobbily gook (well that’s what it feels like) so I won’t be back on there just yet but stay tuned. I feel it is just around the corner.

I am doing my best to get around to all of your blogs from time to time and read a post or two and say hi. Know that I am thinking of you and miss you lots.

Me love you long time.

Ems x





7 thoughts on “What’s been going on in these here parts

  1. I’m so glad it’s just you shutting off and not anything more dire (although you did let me know you were fine several times; thanks and smooch!).

    good luck with the next round of baby-dancing shenanigans. my fingers and toes are crossed, but not my eyes (they might stay that way, after all..).

    love you long time right back. xoxo


  2. Me love you long time too. I knew you were okay when I see all the precious pics of you and your boy on FB πŸ™‚ I figured you were taking a break. It is good to do that. Just when I feel like I may do the same, I get a flood of ideas and I say to myself, “ok, well maybe next week”…glad your back!


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