Info you might need about miscarriage / chemical pregnancy

Ok all my wonderful blogging friends who are reading this because you support me…don’t feel you need to read this. This is just in case someone googles this stuff and needs the info but is a bit TMI and gross. So here goes…


I am currently experiencing some bleeding during early pregnancy. I’m very early – 4 weeks 4 days – but I’ve just stared bleeding and I’m almost 100% certain it is a chemical pregnancy as opposed to early spotting.

I’ve been chatting to a few friends who have had the same experience and all have had their Drs advise them that tampons are no good in this situation. You are supposed to use pads. Gross I know but apparently better for the loss. Something about tampons causing more clotting. Anyway I didn’t know this so I’m expecting that others don’t know this either.

So if this is your experience and google has brought you here then use a pad until you get a chance to talk to you Doctor.

Hope this helps.x


10 thoughts on “Info you might need about miscarriage / chemical pregnancy

  1. Oh god. I’m so, so sorry. Just catching up – so out of the loop here. Oh girl – why is life so cruel sometimes?? Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on that this seems to happen so much to so many people. Why?? It’s all I can think right now. Hugs and more hugs xxxx


    • Yeah honestly Rose, when I read your posts I thought exactly the same thing “Why is life so cruel sometimes?”. You certainly have had your fair share of disappointment in this area. It just seems to unfair. Hang in there chickadee. I’m thinking of you too. Hugs xx


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