Well this isn’t a good sign

Hi everyone


So as my positive line was so feint the other day you know that I did another pregnancy test, don’t you?

The first test was in the afternoon so I put the lightness of the line down to the fact that it was only the day I was due and I took the test in the afternoon so I decided to test again the following morning with the first morning wee. This is apparently when HCG (the pregnancy hormone – what those tests are looking for) is at its highest.

Well the line the next day looked ever so slightly lighter. Which bothered me. So of course I googled it. And there as many people saying it means miscarriage as there are that say it means nothing. What next?

I decided to test again but in two days. So I left it all completely on Saturday – no pee test and no temperature. I just left it all alone.

This morning (Sunday) I got up to test again with that first morning pee and my line looks EVEN FUCKING LIGHTER. It’s at the point where it seems barely there.

So I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to be able to sustain this pregnancy. Or if maybe it’s a tubal (eptopic) pregnancy. And I’m also starting to wish I’d pushed for a blood test with the Dr. Maybe the acupuncturist was right after all? Bah. Hate that thought.

Anyway there is nothing I can do about it at the weekend, even if I go to the after hours Dr. I’m going to need blood drawn and that means waiting for a pathology lab to open on Monday. So I’m just going to wait to see my regular Dr on Monday morning and get her to do the two blood tests where they check over 3 days to make sure the HCG is doubling.

My BBT (basal body temperature) is still elevated but not rising. I think it is supposed to be rising but I’m not sure. ANYWAY. That’s where it is at.

More finger crossing for me please.

If this whole thing doesn’t come off at least there is one positive…I did actually manage to get pregnant. I just need to keep on trying and keep on getting healthy and it will happen again. I believe it.


11 thoughts on “Well this isn’t a good sign

    • Yeah my cousin was just telling me how she had a neg test and spotting right around her period and a good friend who recently started with a light line said her lines never got darker and she is now 13 weeks pregnant. I think it is different for everybody and there is no way of knowing how it will be for me. I am going to get some digital pregnancy tests though that tell you how far along you are based on your HCG. See if that sheds any light on the subject.


        • Ah ok. Well the good thing is that I see the holistic dr on Wed too and she actually tested my progesterone levels around the time of implantation so she will have a perfect picture of where I’m at with that. Fingers crossed it’s all easy like that.


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