Holy Toledo

Positive preg test

The lightest positive line ever


Ummmmm sorry about the MASSIVE size of the photo but the positive line is so damn light that you can’t see it if the pic is too tiny. 

Anyway, regardless, IT’S A LINE!

After spending close to $2k on pregnancy related stuff between us since January it seems we are actually pregnant – before getting our results back. Huzzah!

We will still be proceeding with our subsequent appointments – just in case it doesn’t stick and also as it’s a good opportunity to find out about our overall health.

I am beyond excited. I did the test when Eric was here and when we went in to look at it I actually fist pumped the air. WE DID IT! We got there. We are so blessed.

So blessed.

Of course now I am terrified the damn thing will fall out but there isn’t much that can be done about that. I just have to focus on being healthy and doing the right thing and hope for the best.

At least too, if my progesterone is low or there is some other related issue the Dr will see it in my blood tests and be able to prescribe accordingly.

I’m going to have a wee rant about my acupuncturist again while I’m here – yes HER again. I sent her a text telling her the events and asking her whether or not I should come in for some sessions for “keeping it in” support.

She wrote back:

First things first…blood test! Urine is unreliable but blood test will confirm for sure whether or not you are pregnant. Then yes, supportive treatment would be ideal. So go see a Dr and organise for a blood test! Fingers crossed for you!!

Overall I don’t suppose it is too bad but she could have delivered it in a totally different wow. How about a Wow! That’s great news! When you have your blood tests all confirmed buzz me and make an appointment. Congratulations.

She gets the same message across without being all deflating and know it all. I am desperate to write back to her and say “Ummm, this isn’t my first rodeo you know”. I HAVE a baby. I know how this works.

PLUS, once again she is actually wrong. I remember my last pregnancy the Dr telling me that urine tests are VERY reliable these days for a positive result. Why? You can only get a positive result if you have HCG in your system. You only have HCG in your system if you are pregnant. Rarely a test will be faulty and show a positive where there isn’t one but the way you can get around this is to test multiple times. If you show more than one positive result then you can pretty much guarantee you are pregnant. False negatives are far more common (where you test negative but are actually positive).

ANYWAY. I told Eric last night I wasn’t going back to her. I was sick of her negativity and incorrect info. (Oh we recently had another incident like this where I actually sent her the link of a medical journal showing her she was wrong – then she back pedalled. It was weird). However Eric thinks I should just push it aside and go. As far as we know she may have helped me get pregnant. I’ve only been seeing her for almost 2 months and now I’m pregnant, maybe there is a link. *sigh* So I’m going to go back but I think this time I am going to have to clear it with her.

Aside from all that, TOTALLY STOKED about this pregnancy. Could no be happier or more excited.

Today we are off as a family to see the Wiggles so looking forward to a fun day out. I even feel like we are 4 already. It’s nice.




26 thoughts on “Holy Toledo

  1. Bloody hell woman!! I’ve just logged in for the first time in ages and this pic was at the top, the very TOP of my feed!
    I am grinning away like a loon here 🙂
    Stay calm, stay happy – I am super-super-excited for you my lovely! XXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Rose, I’ve been SO worried about you! I just left you a message yesterday and Kerry was also asking if I’d heard from you so you must have heard us calling out into the universe! Hope all has been going well. Xxxx And thanks. I’m excited too 🙂 xxx On 07/03/2014 8:18 AM, “The Secret Life of Emily Maine” wrote:



      • Make that 3 of us. I didn’t want to put anything “out there” for fear of jnxing something for Rose – so I quietly shushed myself everytime I worried about why she had gone dark. Yay Rose – so happy to hear from you!!


    • I know!! It’s so weird really. You’d think part of doing a job like that would be caring about what happens to your patient! Oh well. I got to give her the finger a bit anyway as my doc refused to do a blood test! She said with two positive home tests, a late period and an increased temperature she is happy to believe I am pregnant. lol


  2. Yippee!!! Such exciting news! And about the acupuncturist, isn’t there another one you can go to? Seems like you may find a better connection elsewhere, and if you are closed to the person, you may be somewhat closed to the treatment. And as far as blood tests, in my experience here in the states, the dr.’s only do pee tests anyway to confirm pregnancy.


    • Yeah I was worried about being closed to the treatment because of our firey connection but at the same time I feel like she has treated me all along and so know well the areas we were working on most. It’s a hard one! Anyway, the Dr didn’t even want to do a blood test so I told her that and she’s sweet. Funny lady that one.


    • bahahah yeah she’s been annoying me. I felt vindicated when I went to the Dr and she said 2 x positive home tests, a temp rise and a late period? You’re pregnant love. You don’t need no test. I almost couldn’t wait to text the acupuncturist. I could be more evolved but oh well lol


  3. ACK!!!! I am so glad I scrolled down because I missed this the first time around! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so very happy for you, all of you!!! yay!! We’re having a baby!!!!
    Now I have to pee… apparently I’ll be sharing that symptom with you!


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