Cycle number 8

mountains edge view

This was meant to be our view out to the coast on our weekend away but it rained.

My god, it has been so long since I posted on here that I almost forgot my login details.

If you follow my other blog you will know that I dialed it all down a bit this last little while to give myself a bit of time out. I’ve really needed it. One of the reasons was also this whole pregnancy caper. I wanted to put myself under as little pressure as possible while we were trying. I wanted to feel calm and stress free and relaxed and I have to admit, I have achieved that.

This cycle around baby making time Eric and I even went away to the beautiful Mount

Mountains Edge cabins

The cabins we stayed in

Tambourine to attempt a nice relaxing time away to promote optimum conception. Of course, I’m pretty sure I actually ovulated the day before but we had a nice time anyway. I think it’s the first time we have actually spent 24 hours together without Kiddo since he was born and I enjoyed it much more than I expected given he normally frustrates the hell out of me. It almost felt like we were dating again! Too funny!

Inside the green cabin

Inside our cabin

We forked out for cabins with a view and while we kinda had one it actually wasn’t too great as the weather was rainy and misty pretty much obscuring everything. It had an in room spa though and that was pretty awesome! Fun times.

Anyway, back to the whole baby thing. So I’ve spent the month being as relaxed and healthy as possible. I’m still on my whole dairy free gluten free thing and I’m really enjoying it.

I also went to see the $300 Doctor last month and I LOVE her! She sent me off to get $500 worth of tests. Plus Eric went at $300 and now he has to get some unknown value of tests too. Then we both go back for our results next week and that’s $150 each (we have separate appointments). So that’s in the region of $1500 spent on all this in one month. Oh if add the acupuncture then it’s more. Anyway, it’s A LOT.  I don’t have that kind of money but fortunately Eric is helping to pay for everything. I’m actually pretty excited about it as I think it’s good to get one big clear overall picture of your health at some point. I’m having hormone testing and thyroid testing and a bunch of other stuff including a gut test that involved me poking around in my own poo (least favourite thing EVER) but it will be great to get all those results. The Dr herself is 100% no nonsense which I absolutely adore about her. She seems super knowledgeable and VERY thorough. Even with taking your medical history she makes sure to get everything. I really like her approach.

So my next appointment with her is Wednesday and we’ll see what she has to say. If she can see something specific then we will follow a course of treatment for that and see what the outcome brings. If there is nothing she can pinpoint then we will likely go off to a fertility specialist right away.

BUT that’s if I’m not already preggers. My period is due today and my temp, after dropping 0.2 C yesterday has gone back up again which is unheard of for me. I have never had a high temp on the day my period is due and my cycle is like clockwork. SO either some of this stuff I have been doing has been working and extending out my cycle so I get a longer luteal phase OR I’m pregnant.

I’ve honestly been feeling like I will get my period so I’m not sure what to think. I could just be having a 29 day or 30 day cycle. I have had both before  but only once for both in the last 9 months. If that’s the case then I will have a drop in temp again tomorrow or the next day and an arrival of AF.

Cross your fingers for me! I do feel a wee bit excited. I can’t help but feel the hope.

Will update you with news as soon as I have it.





10 thoughts on “Cycle number 8

  1. Crossing fingers!!! Looks like a fun getaway even if it wasn’t the greatest weather. I still am just amazed that you guys get along well (most of the time), can have romantic getaways, have a son and keep it totally platonic. mind blowing! 😉


    • haha it is def a weird situation. I guess for all intents and purposes what we have now is a lot like a relationship, we just don’t live together and we both know it isn’t intended to be permanent. Works for us 🙂


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