The baby that wasn’t and test results

I’m sure you have guessed by now that things didn’t turn out so well with the whole pregnancy thing. .I got my bloods back from the Dr and my HCG levels were low and dropping (on the second day they were 12 or something like that). I had been bleeding quite a lot so I wasn’t surprised.

I’m actually feeling OK with it all. I fell! And that has been unachievable goal for the last 8 months. Plus, you hear a lot of stories about a healthy pregnancy following a chemical pregnancy and I truly feel that it is just around the corner for us so that is helping me. Aside from that I’m a pretty pragmatic person. Just pick myself up and keep moving on, putting one foot in front of the other. Apparently that’s a common trait for someone like me anyway..which brings me to my other test results. Continue reading


Info you might need about miscarriage / chemical pregnancy

Ok all my wonderful blogging friends who are reading this because you support me…don’t feel you need to read this. This is just in case someone googles this stuff and needs the info but is a bit TMI and gross. So here goes…


I am currently experiencing some bleeding during early pregnancy. I’m very early – 4 weeks 4 days – but I’ve just stared bleeding and I’m almost 100% certain it is a chemical pregnancy as opposed to early spotting.

I’ve been chatting to a few friends who have had the same experience and all have had their Drs advise them that tampons are no good in this situation. You are supposed to use pads. Gross I know but apparently better for the loss. Something about tampons causing more clotting. Anyway I didn’t know this so I’m expecting that others don’t know this either.

So if this is your experience and google has brought you here then use a pad until you get a chance to talk to you Doctor.

Hope this helps.x

Apparently I need to learn all the lessons

I went back to the Dr today and insisted on blood test to check my HCG levels and whether or not they are rising.The way that works is this: you get a test the first day and then again 48 hours later. Your HCG levels are meant to double in that time. So, I’ve had the first one.

But this evening I started bleeding and it is more than what I would call spotting and I do feel as though I am getting a period.

*sigh* Continue reading

Well this isn’t a good sign

Hi everyone


So as my positive line was so feint the other day you know that I did another pregnancy test, don’t you?

The first test was in the afternoon so I put the lightness of the line down to the fact that it was only the day I was due and I took the test in the afternoon so I decided to test again the following morning with the first morning wee. This is apparently when HCG (the pregnancy hormone – what those tests are looking for) is at its highest.

Well the line the next day looked ever so slightly lighter. Which bothered me. Continue reading

Cycle number 8

mountains edge view

This was meant to be our view out to the coast on our weekend away but it rained.

My god, it has been so long since I posted on here that I almost forgot my login details.

If you follow my other blog you will know that I dialed it all down a bit this last little while to give myself a bit of time out. I’ve really needed it. One of the reasons was also this whole pregnancy caper. I wanted to put myself under as little pressure as possible while we were trying. I wanted to feel calm and stress free and relaxed and I have to admit, I have achieved that.

This cycle around baby making time Eric and I even went away to the beautiful Mount Continue reading