And we’re back in the ring for another round

So AF arrived yesterday afternoon, a day before it was due but I was expecting it. I had some cramping and my temp had taken a big drop that day and they day before. My triphasic chart shat itself.

I saw the acupuncturist on Tuesday and she really fucked me off AGAIN. I showed her my chart and talked about the triphasic thing. She disagreed and said she just thinks it is my progesterone slowly climbing. As it turns out I don’t think she knows much about triphasic charts as I pointed out the dip and then 0.4 rise and the 3 days of high temps and she said hmmmmm. Which mean “I don’t have anything to contribute on this subject”. 

I mentioned some of the research I had been doing about slow progesterone rises and that while it can be problematic it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot sustain a pregnancy and she said in a very curt tone “That is not what they are teaching”. To which I replied “Hmmmmm OK”. And then she made some off the cuff remark about me getting my information from forums. Right.

It made me furious. I consider myself of above average intelligence (how do you say that without sounding up yourself?) and well educated and do not appreciate it when some suggests that perhaps I’m too stupid to know the difference between a bunch of women chatting in an online forum and actual medical information. I fumed over it the entire time I was there which made me concerned that I wasn’t going to be receptive enough to the treatment. While I believe acupuncture can be effective I also believe that it is the sort of thing that won’t work if you are fighting it. You need to be relaxed.

Even after I left it was still on my mind and I seriously toyed with the idea of sending her a text but decided it probably wasn’t the right approach. I chatted to my psych about it and she suggested that I just raise it when I see her next time and if I don’t like the way she deals with me bringing it up then I can choose to move on, but give her the opportunity. I think that’s a good idea. I’ve already started on this course of treatment with her so I don’t want to just abandon it part way through to have to start over with someone else.

I have my appointment with the GP (she’s an actual certified Doctor) who specialises in natural therapies for fertility this Wednesday. I will ask her if she recommends anyone for acupuncture so I have a back up option.

Other than that I am feeling good – mentally and physically. I think the benefits of the detox are starting to kick in. So much so that I’m going to continue the elimination of a few things past the end date. I like feeling healthy. The old tempting treats are seeming less tempting. Nice healthy fresh produce really does seem preferable.

I’m ready to take the next step with this baby stuff so hopefully the GP can help with that. My Progessence Phyto Plus arrived so I’ve started using that. And my next ovulation falls on a weekend and Eric and I have arranged for Kiddo to stay with Eric’s mum overnight the Saturday night and we are going to go to the Hinterland for a romantic night away. Perfect conditions for a baby, surely?

He is away this week but when he returns we are going to sit down and figure out how many cycles we are prepared to give this natural GP – my instincts are going with 3 – before we hit the Fertility Specialist. 3 more cycles after this one will make 10, the average cycles for pregnancy are 11 and I’m older so I think it would be fair to say we’ve given it a good shot by then. Fingers crossed we don’t need to go that far.

Hope everyone out there in cyberland has a great weekend ahead of them.

Thanks for listening!




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