A triphasic chart

So just to REALLY screw with me, my BBT (basal body temperature) is showing a triphasic pattern this month.

What does that mean? Well it’s like this:

Most charts would show what I can only assume is called a biphasic pattern which means two distinct patterns. There are the low temps of the first stage of your cycle from Day 1 AF until ovulation. At ovulation you will often see a dip (I do) and then a temp spike. This is what tells you that ovulation has occurred. Then your temp should stay spiked for the rest of your cycle. If you get your period, it goes down; if you are pregnant it stays elevated. All good. That’s two clear phases.

Last post I was complaining as it took a dip around 7dpo and I thought that was the end of it for my progesterone. But the following day it spiked by almost 0.4 degrees (quite significant – it only needs to spike again by 0.2 – 0.3 degrees to be considered triphasic) and it has remained spiked for 3 days now. So this extra spiked stage of the chart is the third stage, making it triphasic.

Does this mean I’m pregnant? Not necessarily. At best it can be taken as a good sign.

Most of the time triphasic charts occur when there is a viable pregnancy. The body gets a boost of progesterone at implantation and that is what causes the temperature spike. However some women will occasionally get triphasic charts when they aren’t pregnant and they really aren’t sure why. Maybe the body is trying to implant? Perhaps it’s almost successful? Who knows. It just happens sometimes.

Also some pregnant women don’t get a triphasic chart. The boost of progesterone at this point simply isn’t enough to cause a spike. So as you can see, it’s not really a definite sign, just a positive one.

I’m trying not to be too hopeful or to buy into any other signs. I’m just waiting to see how it all plays out. AF is due on Friday so there’s not long to wait either way. I have an appointment with the acupuncturist this afternoon so I’m keen to show her my chart, especially after last week’s conversation.

Say your prayers for me darlings, please say your prayers.



9 thoughts on “A triphasic chart

    • I’m trying so hard to not think this is something. Rose had a triphasic chart once and no positive result so it could very well be that. *sigh* Will def let you know what goes down with the acupuncturist. Hopefully she will do a good implantation session!!


      • My triphasic month really was the pits 😦 But I’ve never really had an implantation dip either, so I think my body just responds differently. Keep us posted, the waiting is killing me!!


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