And we’re back in the ring for another round

So AF arrived yesterday afternoon, a day before it was due but I was expecting it. I had some cramping and my temp had taken a big drop that day and they day before. My triphasic chart shat itself.

I saw the acupuncturist on Tuesday and she really fucked me off AGAIN. I showed her my chart and talked about the triphasic thing. She disagreed and said she just thinks it is my progesterone slowly climbing. As it turns out I don’t think she knows much about triphasic charts as I pointed out the dip and then 0.4 rise and the 3 days of high temps and she said hmmmmm. Which mean “I don’t have anything to contribute on this subject”.  Continue reading


Trying to conceive: February 2014 – the roller coaster ride

Trying to conceive really blows.

I’ve struggled this week. A lot. Today especially.

I’ve been feeling quite flat and I haven’t been exercising as much because of the whole running / implantation thing so that certainly hasn’t helped. I need my exercise endorphins or I run right off those rails. Big time.  Continue reading