This is why I hate charting

The thing I hate most about charting is that it gives you a picture about pregnancy likelihood before you are really ready to receive it.

I know, I know, you find out one way or another with a period but there is something about that which is different. With the natural end of your cycle you are gearing up for it anyway and are probably getting an indication one way or another that you were successful or not. Charting kind of butts its head in early. It rips away hope when hope is still building.

Case in point, today.

I am charting at the moment because my acupuncturist wants me to and to be fair, it is giving us useful information. BUT she can already see that I haven’t had the post ovulation burst of temp that I need. To her that means I am lacking in kidney yang or something like that but it can also be a sign of low progesterone.

At worst, with low progesterone and a shortish luteal phase I could have a luteal phase defect but I’m really hoping that I don’t. I do remember that I was using some of that yam cream when I got pregnant with Kiddo (which helps with progesterone) so maybe that did more than I gave it credit for.

I currently admin on a baby Facebook page one day per week and no one there has a clue who I am so I threw out a “tricks to conceive” question. One lady came back with something I’d never heard of: an essential oil called Progessence.

It is “essentially” BA BOOM a wild yam extract (which you find in the creams that help this sort of thing) that is combined with some essential oils and the like and purports to assist your body to find its natural balance. You get one little teeny bottle for $83 inc taxes and shipping so it ain’t cheap but I’m willing to try ANYTHING at this stage and clearly my progesterone needs a helping hand.

Bless Eric’s little heart too. He is going me halves in all fertility related stuff.

Not sure if we have missed the boat this cycle but will definitely be starting it as soon as I can.

The other thing is that maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. In my research some people were suggesting that occasionally it can take a few days post ovulation for the progesterone to really get going so maybe all is not lost.

We’ll see. I’ve lost hope for this cycle now and that is a really CRUD place to be.

I so desperately wanted to break detox today. It shows how linked eating is to our emotions. I didn’t but I did eat some gluten free, dairy free, nasties free chips and chocolate so I’m not going to achieve my full week with nothing processed but meh, what can you do. It’s better than the alternative. And I’ve taken some action so I feel good about that.

If anyone knows anything about such things feel free to leave helpful hints and handy comments. Hugs are good too.

‘Til next time.



14 thoughts on “This is why I hate charting

  1. Oh man! I wanted us to be pregnant! 😦 All I know about progesterone is that almost as soon as I was preg my doc called in some meds for me cause my body was not adapting well and not creating the hormone naturally. And, honestly, I would have put anything in my mouth at that point to fix me… So I didn’t even research it! Sigh. I am glad that you stayed on the detox tho! Good job!!


    • Same with me with my 2nd pregnancy thought the progesterone made me feel awful! I use Young Living essential oils regularly so will look and see what other things might be helpful for you. Those oils do more than you would think, I’m sold on them. Last ditch nonsense advice, but do you do the whole hips angled up on a pillow after trying to conceive? We did that with both. Probably nonsense 😉


      • Oooooo this progesserence one IS a Young Living EO. Interesting! The chick that sells it here swears she got her autistic child off meds by using them. Pretty amazing. And I know you have been singing their praises for while, I just didn’t realise it was the same range. Yes, do let me know if there is anything else you think is good.

        And yes, haha, we do the hips on the pillow thing. Too funny. We did it when we conceived Kiddo too. lol


    • Nawwwww this is why I LOVE you guys. It’s all team. Wanted “us” to be pregnant. hehe You made me all teary Kate.

      That’s interesting about the progesterone. Perhaps all is not lost! Yeah the detox friendly treats were actually pretty good!


  2. I hated charting when it took away all hope in the two week wait. The other way around is just as bad too – there’s no winning! I had a triphasic temp pattern one month but kept getting BFNs. My chart was practically screaming pregnancy and nothing was going on. Just rubbish. I’ve tried so much, I can’t even begin to untangle the stuff that might have worked from the stuff that was useless… I drank a lot more water and ate a lot more fruit and veg for the weeks before it finally happened, which I think was a big factor. I blended up the whole fresh pineapple (just take the skin off) in all my smoothies (I’d have half a small pineapple in one smoothie and save the rest for the next day), but I didn’t even know that was supposed to help until you mentioned it. I never did the bum in the air thing – maybe that’s why it took so long, ha! I didn’t try any hormone creams. Staying relaxed was my absolute biggest challenge – again something that finally clicked toward the end of last year. Bah – it’s just so hard. And if, like me, you aren’t the most patient person, it is just an agonising journey! Thinking of you X


  3. I feel myself tense up every time I read one of yours (and Rose’s too) updates. I don’t know how you lovelies deal with all this stress. I’m clenching while reading, seriously.

    I can’t add any value to the conversation, with respect to tips and tricks, because back in 1989 and 1993 (when I was having my babies) it seemed to just happen. No hips on a pillow. No pineapples. Just do the dirty and boom, you’re done. It makes me so sad that we must be fucking up this planet on some colossal level to have so many fertility issues abound. I’m convinced it’s something in the air or something in our food/water. Or a combination of both. There is no way that such a high population of healthy women should have so much difficulty with conception. It makes me angry. And sad beyond words.

    I am thinking of you and sending the most positive of thoughts your way. xoxo


    • Thanks so much gorgeous xoxoxo And you are right. It’s just plain weird. It’s not like Rose and I are seriously unhealthy or anything either. The whole thing is bonkers. Sorry for the late reply btw…I somehow missed this comment when it first came through.


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