Pineapple, Brazil nuts and easing up on cardio

Like everyone who is trying to conceive I am doing the old Dr Google research for any tips that might trick my fertilised eggs into embedding into my uterus.

I was chatting to a friend the other day who had lots of trouble conceiving and she swears by upping the selenium in the diet, particularly from ovulation. She said the month she did it they conceived. It could just be a coincidence but why not try it.

Two of the favourites to help with embedding are pineapple and Brazil nuts. She told me 1 glass of pineapple juice (not from concentrate) but looking online it seems most people feel the core is the part you really want. I figure I’ll just juice the sucker and drink it that way. Surely that will do the job?

Brazil nuts…easy peasy. I like them, I’ll buy them. Apparently it’s 6 per day.

The trouble here is that the detox doesn’t allow either of these things. I’m right at the embedding stage at the moment and I’m so torn. I think I’m going to stick to the detox to see what that does for me. I’m already eating a lot of fertility friendly foods on it AND I’m having the acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I’m sure she will do some magic to do with embedding in my session this week too.

If no luck this month then I’ll look at including these two things and whatever else the internets suggests.

The cardio. Well. The fucking cardio.

I love cardio. I particularly LOVE to run. But my friend said that he Dr had advised her to ease up on it while they were having trouble conceiving. He said there was no proof that it caused a problem however if there are issues he always recommends people tone it down a litte.

So: Exercise = good BUT low impact only.

I am really into my running at the moment and love it a lot so this idea makes me sad. I did lots of internet research and I pretty much came up with the same thing although some suggest light running for no more than 30 mins is OK up to 3 times per week. I’m toying with what to do. I’m considering a light jog for 20 mins and yoga and pilates. Β Or maybe just a walk and yoga and pilates. Either way I have to do something as some exercise is recommended when trying to implant as it promotes blood flow to the uterus.

So practice being not too still and not too energetic. GOT IT.


I ovulated Saturday morning and have been taking it easy since then (naturopath said stress fee relaxing 2 days post OV) but I’m considering allowing a light jog with my running partner on Wednesday. It’s so hard as if I don’t fall this month I’ll totally blame the jog.

I think I’m still sitting on this.

The bonus of my cycle being a day 17 ovulation is that I don’t have to wait a full 2 weeks for the results (but that can also be an issue for implantation). Whatever.

The upside is this: only 12 days until I’m due so it’s 12 days until I’ll know.



21 thoughts on “Pineapple, Brazil nuts and easing up on cardio

  1. sounds like you are doing absolutely everything in your power but its good to have a few little tricks up your sleeve for if things don’t happen this month, i.e. no jogging, pineapple and nuts. I’m crossing all fingers, toes, limbs and eyes for you!!! πŸ˜‰


  2. Sending much luck your way. I did all those things as well plus went mental on pomegranate juice. It’s really good for lining too but dr google probably told you that too πŸ˜‰ xx


    • Thank you!!! I did see that on google but I had skipped over it in my head a bit for some reason so VERY grateful you left me that comment. Any other tips are welcome! Thank you for stopping by! x


      • Well since you’re asking… πŸ˜‰ protein protein protein. Your lining will become a fluffy cloud. My TCM had me on one egg a day plus another 50g of protein and my lining was the thickest it had ever been. Can’t be sure what did the trick but all of the above sure felt like it helped. Good luck with it hun, I’ll be watching! xxx


        • Ah interesting. My friend said protein too. I mentioned that I already make sure to have some with every meal as I exercise a lot and she said she was told if anything, to over do it. So I’ll factor that in!!!


  3. Pineapple, hmm. I remember eating it in the hopes of putting my self into labor, LOL. What a little multi tasker. Who knew it helped with conception too?

    Godspeed. Depending on where you focused your energy, I’m fairly convinced you could rule the world… πŸ™‚


    • I know! And to think, I don’t eat it that often. Must rectify that!

      haha and thanks. I’m glad you have that faith in me. I only wish this was more in my control. At the end of the day you do what you do and it’s in the laps of the gods, isn’t it? Crazy. πŸ™‚


  4. Interesting – the base of most of my green smoothies is pineapple (core too). I didn’t know that, but for the last two months I’ve been eating at least one a week! I think if your body is used to it running will be fine – I’d just run a 10 mile race when we were trying for DS2, and he came along first try – I reckon extra oxygen around those eggs can only be good πŸ™‚ X


    • Fascinating. So when you say the base do you mean you juice fresh pineapple and use the juice or do you just throw whole chunks of it in the blender and do it that way?

      Yeah they say some exercise is definitely helpful. I’m going to dial it back a little on the running though. I’d normally run this morning but instead I’m going to do a yoga for fertility thing on youtube instead. I’ll keep my times running with my running partner but I’m going to stop trying to exert myself to get faster etc. Just for the next 2 cycles. And if I’m not preggers this month then pineapple is definitely featuring the next cycle. And Brazil nuts!


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