Fellas: what’s with the lip kissing?

I got a Christmas card in the mail from a lovely male friend of mine a few weeks ago and it immediately reminded me of how no matter what, whenever I would see him, he would smack one right on my lips. Just like that. Just like he was my boyfriend or something.

But he wasn’t my boyfriend. Not ever. And he had a girlfriend. He was also about 15 years old than me which is no big deal but, you know, it is a different age bracket.

Then I realised I know a few men like this. The thing they all have in common is this:Ā 

They are getting on. Like 50+ usually.

Is it a recapturing their youth thing? Kiss a pretty young lady on the lips and they can feel like they are as young as she is and still eligible to be dating a woman of this age?


Or what? What is it?

I have a couple of words for you. How about: weird. Gross.

Not what I want so will you please STOP IT.

The weirdest thing too is that they are SO. GOOD. at the dodge. You know the lip kiss is coming so you turn your cheek and somehow, SOMEHOW, they’ve done the swivel and they still managing to plant one on your lips. WOW.

I suppose I should respect that part a little. It’s a skill.

Anyway, dudes, please stop it. Don’t kiss a chick on the lips unless you are mutually flirting and KNOW it’s wanted. Like on a great date. Or with you girlfriend or wife. Narrow the field.

I’m sorry if it makes you feel old but, well, maybe you’re old.





11 thoughts on “Fellas: what’s with the lip kissing?

  1. Now that’s funny! Fortunately, all my friends are cheek kissers – it would freak me out to have someone plant one on my lips! (Okay, one exception to that is BA, my guy BFF – we were drunk one night and the cheek kiss hit the lips, and it cracked us up so we’ve done it ever since… but that’s totally different!) šŸ˜‰


  2. I only have one male friend who does that (happens to be here in Vegas), and he’s actually around 6 years younger than me. I chalk it up to him being a hippy-dippy artist. šŸ™‚
    And you’re right, even when I go to turn my cheek he still nails me. Every time! It is a skill.


  3. Older ex work colleague used to do this – the ability to still get the lips after a face turn is a real skill ha ha ha hahh!!! Men are funny… like we’re not going to NOTICE?!?!!


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