Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and ho hum…more charting

So I managed to get into the super dooper fertility acupuncturist yesterday and I really like her. This helps as I’m going to be hanging out with her on a weekly basis for the next month or so handing over a small fortune to her when I do.

She put me on some Chinese herbs which are supposed to help for this particular week of the cycle. I get to buy some more each and every week of my cycle as each week needs different herbs. Thankfully there are only 4 weeks to take care of.

She also recommended a different GP who will “properly” test my thyroid. Apparently not all GPs run the test for the TSH3 or something like that when they do the standard test and that’s why it can be missed. She also apparently specialises in fertility stuff. But she is only a GP. She’s not a specialist of anything. Just to be clear. And guess how much she charges?


Three hundred dollars!!!!

This is a lot for a GP in Australia. If we have to pay it is usually only about $50. A $300 charge is the sort of thing you’d get from visiting a specialist and while she has a specialty she likes to work in she is truly only a GP. Anyway, I made an appointment. Might as well see what she has to say. I can’t get into her for a month which is both a good sign and astounding. That’s a lot of people with $300 appointments.

I guess the bonus of her charging that much is that she doesn’t have to dick around with people who aren’t serious about their fertility. If you are going to pay $300 then you are probably also going to do as you are told.

This week I also started a dairy elimination which is actually to help my skin (I get eczema, I’ve had it all my life but it’s a bit random). I figured I’d also cut sugar at the same time and had also decided to cut booze for the baby making. Then the acupuncturist said hey why don’t you just do a good fertility diet and cut out a squillion other things as well. The end result sounded a lot like a detox I’d done years ago so I’m going to be getting into that fully from next Monday.

The detox is no red meat (but fish and chicken is OK), no fruit except bananas, no nightshade vegetables (but others OK), no dairy, no wheat/gluten, no sugar and avoid as many premade products possible. That’s pretty much the crux of it.

As far as detoxes go I love this one as it still involves food and is therefore quite achievable. It is called Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox and it was initially sold as a slimming thing for famous people but it is based on a healthy principles and of achieving a better alkaline/acid balance in the body. We are generally too acidic from all the shit we eat – apparently.

Anyway, I felt amazing after doing it last time (it was about 7 years ago now). At the time I was smoker and about 4 days in I didn’t even feel like smoking anymore which was pretty incredible. If you are in the market for a detox I highly recommend you check it out. It’s quite different from many of the others you will see on the market.

So this is where we are at. Getting the voodoo medicine and focussing on being as healthy as possible in the hope that I make some super juicy sperm magnets in the coming months.

Oh the charting. I forgot to mention the charting. There wasn’t enough data from my previous attempts so the acupuncturist has got me charting again. So my alarm is going off at 4am every day to remind me. So awesome.

Watch this space.


11 thoughts on “Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and ho hum…more charting

  1. Healthy eating is (i reckon) THE number one thing you can do to boost your fertility and general health. All sounds good, and commited charting (although annoying and sometimes rage-inducing – or is that just me?), can really help you understand and taylor things to your cycle. I hope this month is a winner!!! Xxx


  2. Er, i mean tailor. But you already knew that, right? Getting a taylor involved probably won’t help. Although I’m willing to try anything…


    • haha here’s hoping. Is that even how it works??? LOL Just sounded good. And you gotta have fun with it you know or you’ll be BONKERS. Well I will be but it wouldn’t be that nice for you to witness either.


  3. Sounds awesome! I did a diet like that a few years ago and felt amazing as well. It really is quite doable as a lifetime diet even, just takes some planning for a busy schedule. Envisioning the big boom for you of sperm meeting egg!


    • Totally! I agree 100%. You just need to get the new way of cooking under your belt and then it is easy. I already do Dairy Free for my son and that was only difficult in the beginning.


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