Trying to conceive: December 2013 and January 2014

December 2013

Back at it again this month. We did plenty of baby dancing and I feel SO ready for this baby. It has to be this month or next month. I just feel it. 

2dpo – so the weirdest thing happened in the middle of the night. I woke up with a shock at about 2:30am and simply could not go back to sleep which is highly unusual for me. After laying about for a awhile I decided to get up and check on Kiddo. I got up and my boobs hurt and I just had this moment of clarity thought: omg I’m pregnant! I don’t know how I’d know this as physically you aren’t supposed to get signs before implantation which is anywhere form 6-12 dpo. And this is 2. At a stretch.

This morning when I got up though a friends mum who is very intuitive contacted me to ask if everything was ok as she woke up thinking of me 3 times during the night and my name just went over and over in her mind. Odd. I told her and she said it could be a little soul deciding if now is the right time. I got goosebumps. And it made me think that it was a little soul actually getting through.

6dpo – I’ve had a series of different things happen which I can’t specifically remember in the last few days. All of which have made think I might be pregnant. I’ve been a bit psycho with Eric a couple of times. So much so that the other day after we hung up he called me right back and said “Ah, I think you’re pregnant”. Either that or I’m a complete bitch au natural.

Oh yeah and my nipples looked different and a bit weird the other day. This afternoon I started feeling really queasy and like there were little men standing on my boobs and stabbing them with long thin metal things. Stab stab stab. Awful. All made me think I might be pregnant.

11dpo – I haven’t had a pregnancy sign since. The only thing that is heartening about that is that when I was pregnant with Kiddo I didn’t have any signs at all before my late period. I honestly thought I wasn’t pregnant that month. And that’s exactly how I feel now. So you never know. Boobies were quite sore early this week but that is really common for me the week approaching my period…they have calmed now. Oh and I’ve been STARVING lately. Even after a decent meal. Still hungry.

Period due Friday, 14dpo. Not long now.

12dpo – Made myself this delicious breakfast of muesli with fresh berries on top…couldn’t eat it. Tried. Really tried. Couldn’t do it. Just tasted wrong.

Sense of smell is insane today. I went for a run this morning and went past the caravan park and all I could smell was bacon in both directions. It didn’t make me want to heave but it wasn’t pleasant. Got home and the house seemed smelly still from last night’s dinner? Weird. I’m taking this as a positive sign.

13dpo – Feel like I’m going to get my period this morning. Have that heavy feeling in the tummy.

LUNCH – got it. No baby AGAIN this month.


**As an aside I wanted to mention that the Thyroid support from the Naturopath has been amazing. It has extended my cycle as promised AND my anxiety has completely calmed. I feel the best I have in AGES.


January 2014

Moved my entire Chrismas holiday around so I’d be with Eric in time for baby dancing late December. Man oh man this whole TTC thing is controlling my life.

It worked out OK as we went on a family holiday for a few days anyway which was marvellous.

I am NOT recording symptoms this month AT ALL. Mostly I just feel not pregnant anyway. The only saving grace with that is that I didn’t think I was pregnant when I fell with Kiddo either so who the hell knows what’s happening in there.

I’ve sourced a local acupuncturist who specialises in fertility so I’m going to start seeing her this month if I’m not pregnant. I also have a referral to a fertility specialist from the Dr but I’m not ready to get pumped up on hormones just yet. I’m only just starting to feel sane again. I don’t won’t go getting the crazies from Clomid just yet. Maybe try another month or two first and then we’ll go see the specialist.

Oh and another best friend has fallen pregnant. We’ve been trying together and she got a positive test 1 week ago. I’m happy for her but jealous at the same time.

Countdown is on. Due TODAY. I don’t feel pregnant AT ALL.

I don’t pretest and I’ll probably even let myself go a day over if need be. I also want to be with Eric for the testing this time. I have promised him we can do it together. We are going away for a family weekend so that should be achievable…if it’s necessary.

Watch this space!


7 thoughts on “Trying to conceive: December 2013 and January 2014

  1. I’ve been convinced I was pregnant so many times. Now I just think: Sore boobs? Progesterone. Backache? Progesterone. Nausea? Progesterone. Crazy sense of smell? Progesterone. Seriously – in my body, once progesterone kicks in after ovulation, it mimics pregnancy symptoms in a slightly different way each month. So cruel!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!!


  2. I started down this route once and it reminded me of something. Once when I was about 14. Fourteen!?!? A boy told me I had a fat face. So I thought of go on a diet. A diet??? I am so skinny. And was even skinnier then. Just moon face!
    Anyway. I wrote down what I ate and the number of calories. By week two it was a bit obsessive. I was eating but it was controlling. I had to note it down and not go over. And the rest you can imagine but I did get scared and throw that notebook away
    I didn’t thump the boy tho. Mores the pity.
    When we started TTC I started doing the same sort of thing. Charting. And noting. And all of a sudden I was taken back to that teenager girl and thought FUCK THIS SHIT.
    For me charting and noting really ruins me. I’m too organised and anal as it is. Adding to the task at hand in this way … I think it literally paralysed all my eggs with stage fright.


    • haha I’m a bit the same! I gave up the charting after 2 months as it was doing my head in. I had to set an alarm for 4am to get it done because, you know, early waking toddler at inconsistent times. It turned out to be useful info but once I was able to see that I’d ovulated and it all happened when we thought it did, well I decided that was enough.

      Hope you have some success again soon lovely xx


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