I pre-tested

You know how I said I don’t pre-test? Well I did. I did one a day before my due date. It was negative. So I’m expecting AF tomorrow and we’ll go through the whole cycle AGAIN. Number 6 done and dusted. *sgh* 

So, plan of attack from here is acupuncturist. There’s a fertility specialist in the next suburb so I’m off to see her. I’m having some terrible troubles with eczema too (which I used to get but had calmed right before my pregnancy and is now back with a vengence) and apparently they can also help with that.

Maybe next month is my month. I’m starting to wonder if any month will be my month.



Ciao babies.

****UPDATE post writing: AF actually arrived later today. I think my cycle went back to 28 days as I have been off the Thyroid support tablets for two weeks as left them at my mum’s. I finally got some more on Monday so I’m topping up again but obviously not soon enough for this cycle.


13 thoughts on “I pre-tested

  1. Hi babe.
    I am Trying too as you know. You know what I would say? Don’t go down this route. No no not the whole natural remedies helping and foot reflexology and what not. No no. In fact. Stick a few massages in and go for it!
    The testing. The testing. Every time you want to test whether for ovulation or pregnancy stick that bank note in a jar a d save it.
    Subconsciously as soon as your body knows its on a mission, a sort of exam, I think it’s under immense pressure we don’t even know about. But it does.
    Just leave it. Test when you are late. Like we used to do “in the old days” when we knew we had loads of fertile years. Or were teens at school and falling pregnant was the last thing we wanted to have confirmation of. If you are pregnant it won’t just disappear a few days later.
    Well… No. Obviously it can.
    Oh you know what I mean.
    My advice – spend the money on yourself and on the feel good and hot stuff and the test will come.


    • Yes I do know what you mean and it is very good advice. Thank you 🙂 A friend of mine just fell pregnant by shagging every second day so I think we will focus more on this and less on the testing and see how we go. I know I ovulate and I can tell physically when it happens so maybe I just need to put the tests in the draw for a couple of months and see what happens. I might chat with Eric (he is always pushing for the test too) this month and see if we can just go with it. Thanks x


  2. Boo 😦 I’m sorry to hear it was a BFN :-(. I hate the endless, endless waiting. Everything else just ends up in limbo while you plan and wait and hope. Hang in there X


    • Hey what does BFN stand for? Obv N is negative but I’ve always wondered what that BF stands for.

      Honestly I’m soooo sick of planning my life around this conceiving thing. I’m currently trying to plan a visit to Sydney and the best week is fertile week so I can’t go then. ggggrrrrrr. That’s the mos challenging thing about not living together too. Always having to schedule in the shags and stay with each other more which is complicated because Eric works late and I’m too tired for sex after 9pm LOL. Anyway, it will happen if it’s meant to.


      • Oops sorry! I tend to assume the whole world uses ttc acronyns (er, there i go again). It’s Big Fat Negative and (preferably!) Big Fat Positive. I didn’t like them at first, but they’ve grown on me 🙂

        Same here after 9pm, haha! That’s what small children do to you 😉


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