Trying to conceive: September, October and November 2013

So far we’ve had two strikes. I fell pregnant with kiddo the second time so we are already past that now.


September 2013

This month I am charting both cervical mucus and BBT to see if I can figure out WTF went on with my ovulation last month (LH surge for 4 days and I’m certain an eventual ovulation at day 18 which leaves my luteal phase at only 10 days – borderline).

I’ve also ordered some of the digital ovulation tests. I used them when trying for no 1 and feel they are more reliable than the other (cheaper) options which require ME to determine if the line is the same or darker than the control. There is too much room for user error then if you ask me.

Digi tests didn’t arrive in time for this month. I made lots of mistakes (forgot thermometer right around OV time when staying at Eric’s place). Forgot to test with OPK on the day my surge normally starts. My brain seems to have left my body. *sigh*

I am now 5 days out from my period due date and my temp dropped a bit this morning so I am convinced I’m not preggo. Boo.

Saw Dr about stupid cycle and all she could offer was a referral to a fertility Dr. She said 11 cycles was average but I could go to Dr sooner if I’d prefer. I decided to wait and see the naturopath first. We already started me on B6 to help with the luteal phase stuff but I’m going to see her again in 2 weeks and we’ll talk in more detail (I got the B6 just by chatting in the shop, this is for a proper appt) and see what she can recommend.

I’m feeling a bit depressed about not falling today.

Yup got my period day 28 so the temps were right.


October 2013

Saw the naturopath. She seems to think my BBT is on the low side which can mean the thyroid needs some extra support. She gave me something for that so I’m necking them and hoping for the best.

Had to move my entire holiday around (bring it forward a week) as I was going to be away during ovulation so I better fall pregnant this time. I’m glad I did it though as OV was firmly in the week I would have been gone.

I used the digital OPKs this month and it was WAY better. I only had a positive for the surge on 1 day as opposed to 4 days. My cycle is currently a strict 28 days so everything happens on the same day each month. The previous opks were showing a surge from the Sunday (day 15) through to the Wed (day 18) so OV was difficult to pinpoint. The digi OPK showed a surge ONLY on the Tuesday (day 17) this time. So I pretty much only have a 10 day luteal phase which is a bit short.

5 dpo – my breasts feel like lead balloons BUT my period is due on Sunday so I don’t know if that is the reason for the soreness or if it’s too early. Who knows. I’ve been rather crampy since after ovulation. Implantation stuff?

Found out one of my best friends is pregnant the other day. I’m so happy for her. I knew she was trying and felt like we might get to share a pregnancy so now I think that maybe this month is it.

I will be away for OV next month (early Nov) but as soon as I get back I’m going to see the Dr about my 10 day luteal phase (provided I’m not preggers of course). It can’t be good.

14 Oct – Not preggers. BOO. And to really fuck with me my period came 1 day later. Kinda good though as it has extended my luteal phase out by a day (maybe as a result of naturopath supplements??). I went off my supplements from the naturopath for my anxiety this cycle as I ran out in the last week. I wanted to see if I was pregnant first before buying more as you apparently shouldn’t take these ones when pregnant. I’m considering staying off them for the next little while to see how things go. I was getting some dips anyway so maybe it will be as good if I’m exercising regularly. I’ll stay on the conception support stuff and see the N again on Wed to ask what else she thinks I should do.

Right now I’m looking forward to the fact that I have the month off from all this conception. I’ll be overseas for the next OV cycle so no more temping, checking cervical mucus and timing sex. So over it.

November – overseas


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