How I met the baby daddy

This story started back in June 2010. I’d just arrived back from a 3 week trip to Europe and was feeling pretty good. A bunch of us from work used to go out for Friday drinks and this week was no exception. I wasn’t particularly close to any of the girls, in fact some of them actually really annoyed me, but it was fun to do drinks and I was feeling social. I also hadn’t ever really managed to find many of what I would call “my people’ in Sydney so it wasn’t like the choices were infinite.

One of the girls had a friend of friend that wanted to come along as he was in town and looking for people to drink with that night. I remember wondering if I would be interested in him. For the purposes of this, let’s call him Eric.

I can still remember the moment I met Eric which is strange as he wasn’t that impressionable. I guess I have later etched it into my mind as he became more significant to me. We were at this bar and he rocked up with his beer and I latched my eyes firmly on him. Would this be the guy? I was longing for a partner at this point. It had been awhile.

Anyway for the first 15 mins all he seemed to do was talk about his ex wife. I though puuuleeease. And move on to do the circuit of the bar. Anyone had to be more interesting than this character.

An hour or two and several glasses of wine later (and when I say several, I mean several) I get back to chatting to him again. And this time he is delightful. Oh so interesting and actually rather sexy. What was wrong with me before? Oh alcohol, how I love you.

To be fair I do still find Eric rather sexy so it wasn’t the booze that did that. We didn’t click though, not without the alcohol. We just didn’t have the zing.

Anyway, booze Emily didn’t have a clue about that. She was enthralled and before you knew it we were swapping numbers and promising to do visits and catch up. It was going to be a blast. Then we kissed in the bar like all classy people do and decided to get out of there where we weren’t surrounded by people who knew us.

We went to another bar because at that point what we really needed was more booze. I am still unsure as to how they even let us in. Eric might have been holding it together but I was pretty damn messy. Eventually we decided to go back to my place – of course. He was from out of town so if you are going to be a floosy then that’s the kinda guy you do it with and obviously that night I had my floosy pants on.

I was so smashed I lost my mobile phone in the cab. It was all a bit of a disaster.

Anyway back at mine I had what is probably simultaneously my most embarrassing and hilarious bedroom encounter to date. As we were passionately kissing (standing at the end of my bed) in my room I decided that I really needed to sit down. Rather than interrupt all the passion I decided I could just gracefully fall back on the bed. Because really drunk people are often graceful. I did not let the team down this time either. I took my graceful self and leant back and immediately fell flat on my back on the floor.

I will never forget the look on his face. He just started down at me with a ‘what the fuck just happened’ look. I still can’t speak of this story without crying tears of laughter.

Anyway drunk people are really good at pretending something never happened so we carried on from there and everything was actually pretty awesome.

The next morning he left at around 10am. I can still remember him leaving my place and thinking to myself “This guy is going to play a big role in my life”. It was a strange thought as while we had fun we didn’t really click. We weren’t the same type of people at all. But there was something about him that made me know something was going to stick.

When I look at Kiddo now I just feel we were destined to have him. There are more things that took place that make me feel that way but I’ll get to those in other posts.

For now, this part of the story has come to an end. This is how I met the baby daddy.


9 thoughts on “How I met the baby daddy

  1. So happy to hear this story, as I’ve been super curious about it! I can honestly say that I don’t think I ever would have made it with my son’s father, but I got the best son in the world out of it, so it had to have happened for a reason! 🙂


    • Stay tuned. I stayed up late last night and churned out so many posts. I’ve attempted to get all the background stuff out of the way so we are up to date by Friday. There will be a number of posts this week. Sorry to bombard your inbox!!


  2. Alcohol!!! Ha ha hah!! Thank goodness you and I never met and went drinking – we’d have ended up sleeping in a river somewhere or accidentally marrying two men from Mexico on the spur of the moment, lol!! Sounds like you had a great night 🙂


  3. I love this story, especially you falling flat on the floor instead of the bed. LOL! So damn funny imagining it. What a story of fate in a more mysterious way than a love story. I imagine something you’d never expect will happen between you two in the future, this is just too unconventionally magical!


    • It really is a story of fate. Who knows what the future holds. I’ve learned to have no expectations on that now. With the way things are I couldn’t see things working longterm but like I said, who ever knows these things. This works for us now so that’s the main thing. 🙂


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