The lowdown

After taking 75 squillion hours to choose a damn theme I am finally able to write this here post.

I already have a blog. A blog that is cranking along quite nicely and that has a decent number of followers. A blog that I love. It was supposed to be anonymous but I got sucked into sharing it on Facebook and it turns out that many of my family and friends love what I write so now they follow me and I’m no longer anonymous.

But I have shit to say. And some of that shit is about them. And some of that shit they don’t want shared. And I have BIG stuff going down in my life that I NEED to blog about. To share with an unknown audience so they can help me chew it up and spit it back out again.

So that’s how this here blog has come to life.

For more about me it’s just easier to copy the “About” page so here it is:

I’m a mummy. I’m a blogger. I am single.

And I’m embarking on a path that is unconventional.

My son’s dad and I decided to have a baby together after shagging for awhile. We weren’t in a serious relationship at all. I had medical reasons for needing to speed things along and he had age reasons for wanting to do it.

As it happens it wasn’t just a straight out donor situation. We spent time together and met each others families and sorta kinda tried to make a go of it. Oh and we conceived the old fashioned way (because THAT you needed to know). We lived together when our son Kiddo was born but that was a disaster that ended within the first 6 months.

Now Kiddo is 2 and we find that we would like him to have a sibling. While we have both had relationships since our separation none of them have worked out for us. So we are now working on baby no. 2 with no intention of reconciling.

We have been trying to conceive said child since June 2013. It’s now January 2014 and I’m STILL waiting to be knocked up. That’s a lot of blogging material right there.

While we go down this path we don’t see other people (by mutual agreement) and we act like we are together in a lot of ways. Sometime post the newborn phase however the shackles will be off and we’ll go back to our lives again.

So I’m going to blog a bit about this.

I’m also just going to bitch and moan about other things, like my mouth kissing male friends and my crazy mother-in-law and her moaning husband because I can’t do that on my other blog because everyone freaking reads it.

This is a bit of a no frills blog. I will post irregularly. When I’m in a flap about stuff you’ll hear from me a lot. When things are just chugging along I’ll go silent. I won’t include pictures unless I really feel like it and I’m not chasing stats. It’s just an outlet.

But I’d still love it if you read it and followed it and chatted through “stuff” with me.

Hope you enjoy the ride.


PS. I read somewhere that the way to make a pen name is to take your middle name as your first name and use your first ever street as your last name. I couldn’t remember the first ever street so chose the second. And if you can figure me out from that alone then you deserve to know who I am.

Hope that leaves you feeling a little enlightened and incredibly intrigued.

Until next time.



13 thoughts on “The lowdown

  1. You know, your path might be unconventional but you and M’s dad are amazingly responsible and caring for wanting to do it this way. I have my fingers crossed for you.


  2. I think it’s completely awesome that you and M/K’s dad are trying for another. What a wonderful gift to each other, and to him. May not be conventional, but who says conventional is the best or only way.
    So happy for you. xoxo


  3. I think what you are doing is awesome and will be such a gift to “Kiddo”… the relationship you have and how mature and responsible you guys are. I am so intrigued and lots of questions too!! hoping some will just naturally be answered by your posts 🙂


    • Feel free to ask any questions you like! I do have a flurry of background posts coming up this week so it might be covered. At the same time I’m skimming the surface a bit to just give the overview so things might get missed. If you ask a question I’ll either answer it or write a post about it if I haven’t done already. It’ is definitely a different story, that’s for sure!


  4. Awesome! So glad to be here and following along with you. Love your psuedonym, btw :). Mine would be Elizabeth Lower Smith River Road. So I think I would also have to go with the second street name…haha. Actually, the third would make the most sense. I’ll keep that in mind. You have a seriously unique situation and I am so interested to see how things work out for all of you. I’m sorry its taking so long to conceive. Can’t wait to read more or your uncensored business!


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